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Default Historical Traitors: Albert Speer

Race traitor Albert Speer, who LIED at Nuremburg and gave false testimony to convict fellow National Socialists such as Herman Goring! This testimony was in return for money and to stay out of jail.

The quotes are merely propaganda Speer was told to say.

As "the Nazi who said sorry"[1], he was the only senior Nazi figure to admit guilt and express remorse.
Albert Speer who apologised for his crimes at the Nuremburg trials. Tries to investigate whether his remorse was genuine or just a clever
THere was even a book called the "The Good Nazi: The Life and Lies of Albert Speer"

Albert Speer may ultimately be best remembered as the only high German wartime official to be "rehabilitated" during his lifetime and even profit handsomely from his once-powerful position

Albert Speer, a former friend of Hitler and minister of his government, made a statement for the court in Johannesburg. He declared under oath that Hitler often spoke about the murdering of Jews and that as far as he knows, gasifications [gassings] of Jews took place."
Albert Speer gave false testimony to send friends such as Herman Goring to the gallows!


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