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Default Kobra (ECS-8-15) Red dot torture test.

Most firearm owners have heard of red dot optics, and like myself may have questioned their reliability and functionality.

So, I put Russia’s premiere military combat sight to the test.
Below are the parameters set to gauge the unit's effectiveness?
Test firearm was an m1 carbine of 1950's vintage, rebuilt in 1999 with proprietary rail system, new bbl and fire control.

1. Target accusation. Faster/slower?-- Much faster than open sights. Target was engaged and successfully hit in less than half the time of iron sight. (1.5-2.0 second from patrol position.)

2. Accuracy in rapid/moving fire. -- Far superior in both categories, open sights became blurred and resulted it as much as 40% "miss" on 12"'X12" target at 30 feet distance in rapid fire. Moving fire "hits" increased by 50% to 12 out of 15.

3. Reliability. -- Not very scientific here, I threw it against a brick wall and left it in the rain/mud for two days. After cleaning, unit preformed flawlessly needing only 2 shots to regain zero. (Probably due to the impact "test”: D)
Internal battery will last for 22 hours on maximum brightness level. (16) Replacement cell is under $2.00 U.S.

4. Slow fire grouping-- Unit is fully adjustable for MOA and was capable of producing 2.4" groups at 50 yards, nearly identical to iron sights. 100 yards not tested, as .30 carbine calibers is generally un-suited to ranges over 75 yards for target purposes in my personal experience.

5. Cost VS. Value. -- Huge winner here, at $199.99 U.S. the Kobra 2nd gen. is an absolute bargain. It can be purchased HERE
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Antiochus Epiphanes
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Antiochus Epiphanes

there is no question that it is a superior sighting system. that is why during 3 gun comps we have to stick everybody with those modified sights into a different class from the stock iron sight guns. they are way faster.

but I dont mess with them, as I am just concerned about practical accuracy and using what's at hand to get the job done I am most likely to encounter. for that I need to stick with iron sights. I am not a pro just a civilian. but if I were a pro I would go with that kind of system if at all possible.


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