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Paul Anthony
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Paul Anthony

Ohh that's awful!!
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James Radov
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James Radov

Southwest Airlines is all about praise them niggers and shiting on whites..
you get the white dork loser in one ad and the white chic who loves being a mudshark cumdump..

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Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
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Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows

Originally Posted by Hugo Böse View Post
Kellogg’s Releases Gay Cereal for Faggot Children
Apparently, these LGBT activists want to "fill our kids' mouths with pride".

Good grief...

Kids can explore pronoun options on box of Kellogg’s new ‘pride’ cereal

On the side of the 'Together with Pride' box, children will be able to choose he, she or they, or make up their own gender preference.

Fri May 14, 2021 - 8:16 pm EST

May 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) -- In what is perhaps the most unappetizing headline of 2021, the Weekly Metro announced that “Kellogg’s new LGBTQ cereal wants to fill your mouth with pride,” because everything must be gay now and the virtue must be signaled. Big Business has realized that there is a lot of money in wrapping yourself in the rainbow flag, and so as “Pride Month” (yes, an entire month) grows closer, corporate social media avatars, ATMs, and business signs will suddenly be bedecked in rainbows.

Kellogg’s, which has traditionally been known for its cartoon animals, is partnering with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to release a new cereal called “Together With Pride,” which will hit the shelves next month and cost $4 per purple box — $3 of which will go to GLAAD. The cereal itself will feature rainbow-colored cereal in the shape of hearts and edible glitter. Kellogg’s, which has partnered with GLAAD at least once previously, has featured nearly all of its famous cartoon characters on the box.

And yes, jews are responsible for the homosexual and transsexual propaganda that Western countries are being flooded with. Here's a thread about this subject:

Jew doctor is pushing for sex-change treatment for children – his rabbi supports him


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