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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Idea: A White Curriculum

[Per Igor Alexander's request, the basic idea for a WN K-12 curriculum is laid out.]

No. I've mentioned this idea many times over the last several years. Not really that complex. The basic idea is that homeschooling has rapidly expanded, to the point there are 2-4m kids doing it. There's a whole publishing industry grown up around it, but nothing is offered specifically for white kids. Just for christians. The keys are

- intellectually rigorous (this is what anti-PSers of any stripe desire)
- non-christian but not anti-christian (essential - christians, imo, will use WN HS material as long as it is not anti-christian as PS material always is)
- overtly White-positive, heritage-oriented (giving White child knowledge of and pride in his racial context and background - no other material offers this, including christian material)

The political point here is that developing such a curriculum is entirely legal. The development and use of much material would be a huge positive for our cause, and might well have much greater ramifications than can be imagined. Creating such a curriculum, and selling through an incorporated company owned by White gentiles utterly excluding any jew participation would be a profound and positive step. As opposed to endless circulation of anti-white material taken from the jewsmedia, duly clucked over. Or public demonstrations ziploc'd by cops with full court approval, so the public can never encounter our message in an non-prejudicial environment. Or passing out leaflets and newspapers that cost huge amounts of money to print, and get thrown away-slash-used by the junkmedia to reinforce their hate meme.

That's all I can say. I do not know, in a professional sense, how one develops a curriculum. But I can make a general guess, and I can see that it is realistic and doable.

I can further see the success of certain book series - the Dummy's Guide to (X), the Politically Incorrect Guide to (Y)... I can see a WN twist on this being a natural extension of a K-12 curriculum, the development of which would seem the first place to start.

The company publishing the curriculum would bear a distinctive symbol, which would be identifiable to the consumer that the product was proWhite and uncontaminated with the loxism that infects every PS-approved text.
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Anchorage Activist
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Anchorage Activist

First, we should find out what's out there and who, if anyone, has already taken steps in this direction. European Americans United has put together a School of Western Culture page showing a substantive collection of classics. In addition, these classics have been transcribed onto the site and are available in HTML format (hat tip to Kievsky for wising me up to this resource in the first place).



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