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Old October 13th, 2021 #1
alex revision
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alex revision
Default Latvia: Year of Horror, 1940 – The Year Assimilated Jews Turned on Their Neighbours

Latvia: Year of Horror, 1940 – The Year Assimilated Jews Turned on Their Neighbours


The following contains disturbing imagery

Latvia: Year of Horror. is an highly illustrated, chronological eyewitness and documented account of the suffering the Latvian people endured at the hands of the Jewish-Bolshevik invaders and, the assimilated Latvian-Jews, who, in the summer of 1940, began a slaughterous oppression with the arrival of the Jewish Red Army.

It all started on the 15th of June 1940, at 2:30am, when the NKVD raided a Latvian Boarder Post, then with the Red Army invasion of the Latvian Territory and occupation of Riga, on the 17th of June, 1940. Latvia’s terror started at once with the mass arrests, murders and/or deportations of its leaders to far regents of Bolshevik Russia, as revolutionary criminals were released from Latvian prisons, to assist the Red Army and replace the slain and deported in their positions. It followed later with thousands of Latvians being arrested without warrant, loaded onto railway freight carriages and deported to the far east to join their leaders in frost-bitten death camps, or they were just outright murdered in their homeland.
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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon

Ah thank you, I've been looking for this. If only the sheeples would read it, it's like a bloody blueprint of things to come.

I think this is what ZOG have planned for us using the Afghan poor refugee torturers (amongst others) to march us away to our deaths, underground, probably, on the promise of getting all our stuff:

On the morning of June 17th, Latvia was overrun by the armed hordes of Communist Russia. Many of the invading troops were Asiatic units who could, thus, not speak to the victims.
Grimly silent, Latvians on the sidewalks were watching a real life drama, about which no one at the time could sense the horrific outcome of the final act.

After the dispersal of the mob, the area of the railroad station and around police headquarters was littered with rocks hurled by the communist rioters.

The Latvian institutions, not yet familiar with the practices of the Bolshevik invaders, attempted to enforce the laws of the land, in the belief that those who had incited the riot should be charged and punished. This was a bitter delusion. The Soviet Embassy explained that it was satisfied with the manner in which the Red Army’s arrival in Riga had been welcomed!
The prisoners and crowd of Jews were of one mind: the Soviets in power were their real friends. The Soviet Embassy on Anthony Street, was the den where the local hirelings fulfilled Moscow’s plans. The masses had no notion of their contents. Many even opined – as did many gullible people in the West – that, in its 23 years of existence, communism had changed for the better.

The work of destruction continued feverishly. It was necessary to falsify the wishes of the nation in order to ratonalise actions, to which no one with common sense would agree. On July 15/16, in elections for the Saeima, the Parliament, the people were compelled to vote for only one existing slate and were forcibly driven to the polls. Afterwards, holders of passports that did not have a stamp indicating they had participated in the voting, were considered to be traitors! (Coronavirus passports)
It tells so much more.

I always speak to Latvians with quizzical caution, wondering if they still mourn the genocide of so many of their people, and still think about it all the time.

Simultaneously, to spiritually destroy the people, the Bolsheviks undermined the support of the nation’s economic and material life.. Depositors lost their life’s savings in banks and credit unions.. This most of all hurt the small and thrifty working man. To add to the misery, houses were repossessed, industry and transportation was nationalised, the farmers’ land was taken for the collectives, and tradesmen’s tools, equipment and apartment furnishings, were also nationalised.
Ads in newspapers invited people to a Labour Exchange to fill innumerable vacancies and new jobs positions available. When long lines of the unemployed formed at the Exchange, the staff there knew nothing of these openings.

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