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Default Do you believe in world climate change or not ?

. .?

. .the world climate change claim is widely disputed to say the least , in our movement . .

. . in fact the German wikipedia I recognize even has a category on 'world climate change disbelievers' presenting exactly the same argument many of us use ; that corrupt politicians use the 'world climate change'-claim to further enforce their globalism and to further 'trust' in politicians to build up an authoritarian state . . You probably know what I'm talking about . . .

. . are there people here who buy this claim . .?

. . my personal opinion . . I agree with above claims , a world climate lie is the best way to further enforce globalisation ; i. e. people's yearning for a strong government . . .

So . . no believer here . .

What about you . .? Sceptic or do you think 'conspiracy theories' around that are far fetched . .?

I've seen commercials for demonstrations because of the supposed world climate change where I live . . .

. .well , how does the weather come across anyway . .?

I AM a believer in for example the Chemtrails theory ; in other words I wouldn't exclude the possibility that the NWO has also found a way to 'play with the weather' . .

Hmmmm . .

Other than that , even though around spring , here in Germany the nights are still long-enduring , as in winter . On my latitudes presently it isn't a rarity that it's already completely dark outside at around half past 6 afternoon . .



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