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Old September 2nd, 2013 #25
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Brief overview of the Swiss Federal Council (government):

- Doris Leuthard, Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
Wants Swiss people to reduce the energy consumption by 35% by 2035 for the sole purpose of stoping nuclear plants which account for 43% of Switzerland electric production. Maybe next year she will join "The Greens" party...

- Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, Federal Department of Finance
Doing her best to destroy Switzerland's banking secrecy. Elected best employee of year by the IRS.

- Ueli Maurer, Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports
Maurer likes to defend the Swiss Army, its militia system and often critizes the political pressures of the EU and USA on Switzerland. He, however, asked forgiveness to the Jews for not mentionning (during the International Holocaust Remembrance Day) that Switerland made "mistakes" during WWII. Asking forgiveness for what you don't say, great.

- Didier Burkhalter, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Wants Switzerland's laws to be automaticaly copied onto the UE laws. He surely wants Switzerland to join the EU but he can't say it as at least 80% of the Swiss are against it.

- Simonetta Sommaruga, Federal Department of Justice and Police
Doing her best to flood the country with all kind of third-world immigrants. Elected best nigger-lover of the year.

- Johann Schneider-Ammannm, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research
Likes to signe free-trade agreement with as many countries as he can, starting by China, Costa Rica, Panama and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- Alain Berset, Federal Department of Home Affairs
Switzerland being a federal state, a Department of Home Affairs is pretty much useless.

At least, they are all Swiss... no niggers or Jews... yet. Four females though.
Il n’est pire sourd que celui qui ne veut pas entendre.

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