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Franz Hansen
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Franz Hansen
Default President Trump and Jewish Folks

He seems to exalt them, but is he really supportive of them? His "team" put me on his text list after I requested it, but then I requested they stop, so I texted the word "stop" to the text list on my phone. Soon afterwards, I was getting more texts, apparently from his fundraising campaign.

Not long after, I got tired of seeing them and feared the texts might be from a fraud source, so I texted "F*** you, k***." Right then and there the texts stopped. I'd like to say the same thing to Bernie Sanders, who thinks he'll win 'cuz he's Jewish (translated: rich).

Then there's Elizabeth Warren and all these f***ed up name patterns, which stink of Hispanic Jew. My grandparents taught me that all problems were the result of "colored" and "Jews." Are they right? I'm wondering.
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Chris Harrsion
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Chris Harrsion

Given that Trump is the first president to have no official political position before becoming president and that he didn't dump nearly as much money as shillary clinton did, I am going with he is impartial at least to a greater degree than any other candidate in the last century.

He is a billionaire in real estate and is from New York, I think he knows exactly what goes on in the shadows and is standing up against it
Turn Off the TV.

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