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Default Racial typology

: Ethos and Ethnos correlated strictly within a tightly fitting constellation of data points. These types fall into a trichotomy itself hierarchically structured: Negro, Mongol, and Aryan – in ascending order of importance from depth to height. Important in terms of being a suitable vehicle of the soul immersed in the soil of materiality – the greatest faculties displayed by the pinnacle of this hierarchical pyramid of type, the least at the bottom with the most numerous in population and inversely, piteous as that may be.

First in the hierarchy occupying the bottom rung is the negro, only slightly removed from the beast of the fields in its barbarity and carnality – perhaps exceeding the latter in its boundless excess and immersion in coarse materialism itself displayed through gaudy ornamentation and the kaleidoscope of colors that fascinates the basest of senses in a hodgepodge of irrational amalgamation, a veritable tumult of visual abomination.

The rites and rituals of the ‘religion’ (if such it may be called) of the negro give further testament to its baseness – pure lower egoic striving and personal enrichment to the extent of torture and cannibalism of its own family members to augment its own energy body through vampirism, etc., the consumption of living tissue; the most rudimentary form of magical thinking being the act of consumption of the desired object, sympathetic magic in its lowest vibration/octave.

The crafty negro though achieving no great degree of consciousness or mental ability that could remotely approximate the Other groups manifests this egoic tendency through his mendacity, utter disregard whether his claims be true or false. In short he is a cunning liar whose notion of moral decency consists of personal profit to the exclusion of all other considerations for the welfare or interest of others. Add to this verbal mode of dishonesty the vice of theft borne of his own acquisitive greed (all lower egoic traits) and the crafty liar becomes a cunning thief whose suspected discovery is combated through all manner of verbal legerdemain.

The childishness of the Negro manifests itself in behavior adequately circumscribed by the phrase ‘violence is the answer’ through which vehicle his selfish will seeks actualization. The veritable path of
violence he carves out in his ill-thought out meanderings – especially gravitating towards the whites as an iron filing to a magnet – seeking to slake his selfish lust on the resources of the white man – gives soundest proof that his actions are little more than the reactions of a puppet on the strings of Maya’s veil before which he gapes in wonderment at the unintelligible ripples of sensation amidst the winds of time.

The sheer multitude of his kind is the most concrete proof of his deviant lust and, though a ‘natural man’, is in reality a suicide as he exceeds his grasp in overpopulating his territory leading to his own starvation and inter-tribal warfare. Thus he is nature’s least favorite in the struggle for existence, least equipped save to utilize his sly temperament to extract resources from his betters, the only one of whom would permit a more comfortable life being the overly-tolerant white man about whom more later.

The mongol is another of this trichotomy which stands apart from the other two completely distinct types. Though in no way at the same level of the Aryan in terms of creative ability and intuitive understanding, he is the middle path between the extremes of type – the second-prize recipient in the racial Olympiad. His mundane and largely materialistic consciousness is oriented towards competition and accumulation of earthly goods, achieving an earthly despotism he would style a paradise but which is more of an ant hill prison of domesticity than a kingdom of heaven upon earth.

His virtue is mediocrity, the status quo of the aura mediocritus amidst material comfort – conformism towards convention, prostration before the idol of contentment and ease and imposing with a subtle tyranny this standard upon all of his fellow ants in the ant hill. Thus communism is the perfect politico-religious philosophy of the oriental, a tribally based society with a despot at its head who issues commands as if he were the emperor of heaven amidst his yellow multitudes who slavishly bow to his dictates.

The image of the convenience store or laundry owner best caricatures the oriental type whose daily grind constitutes the rites and rituals of his utilitarian religiosity. The lack of motor force which characterizes the oriental relegates him to second place in the hierarchy of society, far beneath the Aryan and his heroic exertion. Languid and pacific he lives in a state of self-satisfied ease in between prolonged bouts of mediocre drudgery.

His saving grace is that he outstrips the bronze-medaled (the Negro) by infinite stretches and serves as the reliable working class maintaining the order created by the Aryan. However, given his despotic nature (suitable for convenience stores and restaurant management) his infiltration into the political realm poses a danger of the usurpation of the Aryan’s pride of place as the zenith of humanity and recipient of the gold medal in the Olympiad.

Thus to counter the despotism of the yellow man that of the Aryan must supervene and keep the former in check, content with its mediocre fate, else the world will plunge into the crude materiality of an oriental satrap with the daily routine being the only horizon of experience possessed by the ants in the ant hill who view the world from frog perspective and fail in comprehending the noble vision of the Aryan Eagle.

To place a frog in an eagle’s nest simply makes the frog see the nest as the sum total of reality failing to perceive the peaks and valleys of the mountain. The Aryan man stands above all given his creative drive and depth of imagination that exceeds all of those who occupy the lower levels on the totem of the racial hierarchy.

anthropology, biology, race


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