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Default M.r.c [mixed-race couple]


Genetic roulette reminiscent of Russian roulette – the player is doomed to suffer the ill consequences of his actions as a violation of nature does not go unpunished and combining the uncombinable genes of different races as an ‘MRC’ or mixed race couple yields the degenerate product of that union, a being (child) playing host to incompatible souls with conflictual energetic signatures that render their host a deviant of nature a sickly degenerate, a domination that leaves desolate both houses of his lineage being sterile and incapable of continuance in nature without defects manifesting themselves in behavior.

The fact that their union leaves its tangible form (the child) bereft of a determinant identity and creates an inner chaos which is this war of dysynchronous energetic signatures/souls that manifest themselves in behavioral chaos – as without so without – further underscores the evils of such a union. Lacking an identity around which to orient oneself creates an instability and retarded development of mind– ripe for the social engineers to upload their blueprint into the hardware of consciousness – the brain.

Throughout one’s existence as a product of the MRC, it is a fair presumption that such a one would look upon themselves as an aleatory, ‘floating signifier’ concretized in the flesh, incarnate. Finding a proper path on the basis of this form that one is would be impossible, as well as it being impossible to understand who one is as spirit and matter are one and the ‘one’ who one is the indeterminate unknown quantity that cannot know itself and thus has no self- concept/no self at all. Existing in a world where others exist as determinate ‘Others’ with certain generalizable traits and attributes would lead to exclusion from society.

The social planners – of course – have the solution: that it is to make everyone a creature of chaos, embodiment of conflict, an aberration of nature. This is propounded as the solution to the problems besetting the defective – normalization of defectives and abnormalizing of those historically and naturally viewed and understood as normal. Normative inversion for the purpose of creating massive chaos and thereby to augment one’s own power is the underlying purpose of these architects of chaos.

Thus the MRC is compliant in the spread of social disorder and deviance (from nature) and is thus itself a manifestation of anti-natural chaos, luciferian perversion through normative (natural) inversion. The plans of the engineers of the social have established a world situation through which this MRC phenomenon is inevitable given the blending of different kinds which is not entirely a result of proximity so much as proximity is a necessary condition of the taking effect of the mind control (‘education’/’indoctrination’) necessary to invest the natural along anti-natural lines.

These new luciferian norms would never have become popular if the mental influence of the social planners had not been exerted from the beginning given the obvious differences that obtain between kinds. If humanity is a concept and a reality (word and object) encompassing all of those kinds now referred to as human, clearly the word humanity lacks the necessary substance to make it a norm around which to base one’s existence and for which to strive or uphold as a lofty purpose or goal. This because the 297
obvious differences render a functional society impossible wherein all kinds are mixed and mingled together in a structurally weak amalgam that will necessarily – given their incompatibility – fall apart as lacking all organic integrity.

From a more microcosmic perspective this same fragmentation process occurs within the being that is the offspring of the MRC, the mongrelized byproduct of their evil union, evil because anti-natural. The mongrels’ myriad conflictual elements are a powder keg of malgenics which necessarily explodes in a chaos of behavior both within (psychologically) and without (in terms of social interaction). Thus such a being is a born criminal, a criminal against nature, a minion of Lucifer who must needs carry out his chaos as a natural manifestation of his inner being.

The selfishness of the MRC clouds their better judgment as it is not mind control alone which creates unions borne of lust and hedonism. From this base motivation the base is borne – an unplanned debauchery conceiving a debauchee of the next generation. In the case of planned parenthood under this principle of anti-nature the deleterious influence of mind control has taken effect to the extent of clouding the better judgment but the seed of destruction has been sown in the minds of the MRC.

Typically lust and/or lack of reason serve as the basis of this diabolic contract which would occur only in the most deviant and defective types in an ethnically-oriented, naturally-based society. This selfishness is the governing principle of motivation for the members of the MRC who fail to adhere to nature’s laws and are derelict in their duty thereto in failing to understand the ill-consequence of their actions which attain tangible form in their bastard offspring and the inevitable criminality (against nature) they represent and perpetrate.

That dysfunctionality of the MRC is an amalgam comprised of incompatible elements manifesting in parental abandonment of the mongrel offense, itself bespeaks the anti-natural nature of the MRC/mongrel complex as the members (‘parents’) are naturally repulsed and their mongrel as the tangible product of their union being inherently repulsive to all parties no matter how mind-controlled and deviant they may be.

The consequences of ignoring nature’s laws are extinction ultimately or self- harm to Others via transgression (failed adherence to nature). Divorce rates, spousal abuse, parental abandonment, criminality in the offspring, in general a union forged in the bowels of the abyss brought forth into the light of day represented as gold but really fool’s gold, radiating a false light blinding the naïeve and foolish who have no moral compass as born into a society which has inverted the natural order and which never bestowed upon its members (deliberately negligent and misrepresentative) a proper understanding of the self and its place and role in nature.

miscegenation, mixed race couple, mongrel, race


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