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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default China in Africa

The Next Empire

All across Africa, new tracks are being laid, highways built,ports deepened, commercial contracts signed—all on an unprecedented scale, and led by China, whose appetite for commodities seems insatiable. Do China’s grand designs promise the transformation,at last, of a star-crossed continent? Or merely its exploitation? The author travels deep into the heart of Africa, searching for answers.

By Howard W. French
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Leonard Rouse
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Leonard Rouse

The Chinese expansion into Africa is another elephant in the room.

Unlike the kikery pacoderm, the African Chinese one seems ignored purely from stupidity and myopia. That might be an indirect consequence of the former (if you unplug your reason in one area, it turns out all the lights). But it seems basically a seperate, non-politically gamed issue.

Most projections of White society 50 or 100 years into the future--be they by "mainstream" kikery or guys on our side--fail to account for unknowable events that will have major effects on the timeframe. For instance, anyone in 1910 (prior to the Fed, prior to the assassination of Ferdinand, prior to the "Russian" Revolution, et al) wouldn't have been able to come close to predicting 1960, much less 2010.

The expansion of China into Africa is happening in plain sight if anyone wants to look. Few do. And those who notice seem to react more like the Church Lady: "Well, isn't that special?"

One can imagine a time in the mid-distant future when Muslim/Arab North Africa becomes a buffer between an increasingly mongrel Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, with its "Western China" slave plantation.

If the US government and industry didn't still have the inertia of the Monroe Doctrine, China would be investing heavily in Latin America, too. They probably are on a small scale. It's what we in America could have been doing all along to our south--it'd have been much easier and cheaper than China's push into Africa now--but our outlook was always the shortsighted one of a few Vanderbilts, et al, owning some mines and a sugar plantation. See the most absurd war in US history (prior to Iraq/Afganistan), the Spanish-American, which even the kike history books don't like to discuss, for the obvious parallels to today.

It's never about colonization. Never advancement of our people. Never expansion of the economy as a whole. Just a select few to use the government like a mafia hitman, to extract money from elsewhere. Jews didn't create this particular system of pillage. They just stepped into a pre-existing one and gave it their own greasy tweaks.
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America First
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America First

He brings up the Emmet Till poor boy story, whose daddy was hung for rape by the US Army in France.

Magoobee was trained and incited in Red China. Magoobee murdered off his rival trained in the U.S.S.R. too.

Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?

We cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices of other peoples
to lead our country to destruction.

-Charles A. Lindbergh

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Pamela Ross
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Pamela Ross
Default China Inc. Moves Factory Floor to Africa

May 14, 2014
CAPE TOWN, South Africa—Each sparkly green television motherboard that rolls off the Hisense Co. factory line here moves China a tiny step toward a new global manufacturing base.

The line's eight South African technicians monitor the assembly process by computer and have incentives to work quickly. In less than a year of operation, they are producing at the same clip of 70 seconds per board as their Chinese counterparts.

But there's a hitch: Hisense factories in China use half as many workers to make the same product. In South Africa, one technician monitors one machine. In China, the company's technicians monitor two machines apiece.

"Step-by-step," says Jerry Liu, general manager for the Middle East and Africa unit of the home-appliance maker. "We'll get there."

Faced with rising labor costs at home and negative perceptions about their employment practices in Africa, Chinese companies are setting up new factories on the continent and hiring more Africans. The companies efforts will test whether the masters of low-cost manufacturing can be as productive in Africa as they are in China

"China is a resilient investor," says Martyn Davies, chief executive of Frontier Advisory, a consulting firm that does business in China and Africa. "You see it in Ethiopia at the bottom end and in South Africa in the higher-end stuff."

Auto maker China FAW Group Corp. is building a new factory in the South African industrial hub of Port Elizabeth to produce trucks and light commercial vehicles. Huajian Group, a Chinese shoemaker, plans to invest as much as $2 billion in Ethiopia over the next decade to make the country a base for exports to Europe and North America. Chinese factories also produce steel pipe and textiles in Uganda.

Mounting labor costs in China are part of what makes Africa so attractive. The average monthly wage for a low-skilled Ethiopian factory worker, for example, is about 25% of the pay for a comparable Chinese worker, according to the World Bank. As the wage gap widens between unskilled Chinese workers and their counterparts elsewhere in Asia and in Africa, as many as 85 million factory jobs could leave China in the coming years, according to former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin.

In addition to its pool of low-cost labor, Africa represents an enticing market for Chinese products manufactured on the continent. Africa is now home to six of the world's 10 fastest-growing economies, according to the International Monetary Fund, and many African countries are reducing their dependence on extracting resources, such as oil, metals and gems.

Africa's poor infrastructure and uneven distribution of skills erode its cost advantages, however. The World Bank study estimated that a Chinese worker making shirts, for example, could produce about twice as many per shift as an Ethiopian worker. The common Chinese response to such productivity gaps has been to send more Chinese workers.

China says it dispatched 214,534 workers to Africa last year, about one-fourth of all workers the country sent abroad. That was 18% more than in 2011, according to China's Commerce Ministry, which didn't provide 2012 figures or a breakdown by industry. Analysts suspect the official figures vastly understate the numbers because they don't include entrepreneurs and traders doing business in Africa.

China's expanding African footprint has caused friction, however. A survey from the Ethics Institute of South Africa, a research and training organization based in Pretoria, reported in February that 46% of respondents in Africa had a negative impression of Chinese employment practices, while 19% were positive. Another 55% agreed with the statement that Chinese companies in Africa use only Chinese employees.

Such perceptions are rooted in reality. In Angola and Zimbabwe, Chinese companies bring workers from China for the most basic tasks, such as laying bricks and driving trucks.

In Ethiopia, road crews have complained that Chinese supervisors cut their shovels in half so they will use them only for digging, and not for leaning to rest or gossip.

In Zambia, Chinese mine bosses have tossed cold water on dozing employees, according to interviews with miners.....

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Samuel Toothgold
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Samuel Toothgold
Default Unarmed Jocks without street smarts attempt mining in Ghana. Coolies already established and behaving typically ruthless:

The bearded guy transports gold in his backpack, instead of in his pocket. Then, is surprised, each time they get robbed. In almost every episode, mudbrick hovel Niggers set up road blocks to highwaynig any doer who crosses their path. How stingy Chinks get past them isn't shown:

Here, Coolies have Niggers in their back pockets, despite Niggers living in their own country:


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The Chinese have very low opinion of Niggers. THEY LOOK DOWN ON THEM AS A STUPID VIOLENT BUNCH(Who could blame them). It is Neo-Colonialism 101, the Chinese don't like to do things by force, they will SUCK AFRICA DRY.

chink phenotype, chinks


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