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Default Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

On the heels of the now sheepishly detumescent Scottish independence movement comes a Reuters poll indicating that 24% of all…ummm “Americans” are receptive to secession from Washington. This figure will steadily grow for a number of reasons, though the racial/ethnic breakdown of opinion was interesting. The percentage open and opposed to independence by group was as follows:

La Raza: 32/43%
Black: 30/48%
White: 22/58%
Jew: 12% open (opposed figure not provided)

What to make of that? Well turning to our Narrative for Dummies handbook, chapter 12, we see that the proper headline is: The Scourge of White Separatism: unbelievable 22% say end USA now! AG Holder announces task force to monitor and combat extremism.

I’m certain a broad range of factors influenced the inter-group discrepancies, though here is my speculation.

Hispanics: This is running far afield into the String Theory of societal conjecture, though I will propose that an enormous cohort of recent arrivals living in practically homogenous colonial barrios feel a less-than sacred bond of kinship with the alien culture of their hosts. As such, the integrity of the Union is not a particularly stirring emotional concern. What does, though, tug at their heartstrings enough to glisten cheeks at the sound of America the Beautiful is the panoply of gringo largesse that is mostly unavailable in native habitats. Add to that jobs, relatively clean streets, and the pleasant absence of decapitated heads aligned like bowling pins on the sidewalk, make this the place to be–but never the place to love. And so like all people, they would prefer to be ruled by and live among their own. Just continue providing the nice things por favor.

Blacks: These people are hardly reticent in expressing affection for white society. One can practically not be exposed to media content without hearing fulsome gratitude from their opinionists. We love and appreciate white people, and will do everything in our power to root out anti-white bigotry from our community. But this goes without saying.

Though I’m actually a little surprised the secede figure was as high as it was. While blacks don’t particularly like whites, they do particularly like living in white society. I presume, like the Hispanics, there is a significant amount of You go to hell, but leave your money here on Earth.

Whites: America, they just can’t quit you. The low numbers here, even in the South, are simply a matter of emotional pull. Letting go of one’s baby is hard, even when it’s become Rosemary’s. Older people won’t be able to forge new neural pathways. They’ll keep waving flags and reciting amendments. Neither will alter the state’s implacable hostility toward they and their posterity. Though their children will come to see America in far less gauzy light. And in it, secession sentiment will grow.

Jews: Their very low support for secession is the least surprising of all. America has been very good for Jews. Very good indeed. Equally so for their ethno-nationalist dual-citizenship homeland. Not only is a fully constituted America good in practice, but it actually works in theory as well. Highly concentrated power, as accumulates daily in Washington, is extremely beneficial for those who can navigate and network into choke points. Control key positions in a near vertical hierarchy, and a small group’s influence will be wildly disproportional. Devolution of power and independent states don’t suit these purposes at all–unless you think an independent Idaho would pony up millions of dollars annually for Israeli armaments.

Obviously the American state has zero interest in relinquishing any power originally intended for the states. Though things change–as obviously the people of a country do–and if the spigot ever runs dry, it seems very likely that many will begin questioning why they obey some purchased twit in Washington. I doubt they will find the answers compelling.
With Jews, We Lose.


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