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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Homeschooling Smear Story

This is a classic technique of 'guilt by association'.

They bring up the Turpins, who were horribly abusing their children (one of whom attended a school out in the world for a time btw), and then tie that in with a look at the 'Institute in Basic Life Principles', a cult which mistreats its members.

...Therefore, since some people abuse a right or privilege, the right or privilege should be revoked for all perhaps, is the line of thinking.

Instead of this, they could easily do a compare and contrast with public schools, citing the rapes, the brutality, the inability to read or do basic math, and the inability to control what is taught to the child. My guess is far more kids are harmed in public education than home based education.

These people also believe the System can raise a child better than their own parents, and advocate for things like 'Parental Licenses'. Since some idiots make bad parents, the State will decide if you get a 'license' or not.

....And yet one look at the kids who come out of State care would show you how logical that is.

I think these kids look well cared for, and well educated. They are part of a home schooling community in Santa Barbara. They don't want to feature a family like this for their smear stories, though.

"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier


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