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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Race and Ancient Greeks
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Billy Johnson
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Billy Johnson

I will admit that while I am a skeptic regarding the validity of the idea of Nordicism, I do hold the belief that the original Romans and Greeks are basically gone. I simply hold the belief that the Romans and Greeks were unique groups of Mediterraneans who bred too much with Germanic and Mediterranean slaves and thus created a new class of mutts which are mostly a mix of mostly European Meds, Germanics, and some Asiatic Meds.
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Adolf Goldbergstein
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Adolf Goldbergstein

Thanks Alex. It reminds me of this radio show.

The author talks about the Trojan War being geographically consistent with the Scandinavian region. The thought is that the story was brought from northern Europeans who migrated later to Greece. I know the story as we have it now evolved into it's final form 2700-2800 years ago.

The genetics are not clear to this theory. They are missing a common Gene of other Europeans. They also share genes from non-Europeans although those could have came later?


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