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Larry the Raysiss
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Larry the Raysiss
Default Help wtih song ID: New America?

I heard this song (or at least parts of it) on a Bitchute video but no credit given.

I guess the genre of the song is technically rock but with a Celtic feel to it. Along with electric guitar, bass guitar and drums, there seems to be violins, banjo and I think even bag pipes.

I assume the name of the song is "New America", but it could be something else.

The lyrics of the refrain of the song is as follows ("???" means I have no idea what the lyrics are)...

Let's go and find a better place, we'll call it New America.
Won't it be a lovely place to be.
Imperial, material, ??? New America.
The best idea since democracy.
Why don't we all just bomb the place and call it New America.
??? on TV.
??? persuasion, the way of New America.
Love you all until you disagree.

There's more. Part of the song is at the begin and the end of this video.

Google is of no help, of course.

Any help appreciated.

BTW: Is/are there any site(s) were one can find white nationalist music?

new america, song


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