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Default Niggers Succeed In Bringing Zim Down To Typical Afreakan Level.

December 6, 2008

As Robert Mugabe finally accepts international help, is it one crisis too
far for his brutal regime?

By Fred Bridgland in Johannesburg
AS ROBERT Mugabe's Zimbabwe government swallowed its pride and asked for
international help to contain a cholera epidemic it had insisted a few days
earlier was under control, body bags were among the items it requested.

Zimbabweans are dying in their hundreds from a disease which, in the 21st
century, should not be a mass killer.

Some are dying as they reach Zimbabwe's major hospitals, only to find them
closed because they have no drugs, running water or working equipment. It is
in these institutions that the United Nations and the World Health
Organisation (WHO) count the dead, arriving at an official death toll of

But the real number of dead is many times greater. The UN and WHO are unable
to count those who die in their own homes in the urban townships or in the
huts and fields of the rural areas.

WHO says that the normal fatality rate in a modern cholera outbreak, where
clean water and medication are available, is below 1%. But the death rate
among infected Zimbabweans is at least 4.5% and as high as 30% in remote
areas, WHO said.

The disaster is so massive that Mugabe, who declared a state of emergency,
has also asked for international food aid. His citizens are starving as a
result of the collapse of agriculture following the expulsion of commercial
farmers from 2000 onwards. Habitually, Mugabe has previously denied any need
for outside help, once saying: "We are not hungry. Why foist this food on
us? We don't want to be choked. We have enough."

But South Africa's African National Congress government, widely criticised
for its softly-softly approach towards the deepening crisis within its
northern neighbour, last week said the situation there had reached crisis
proportions. "People are dying of starvation," said South African government
spokesman Themba Maseko. "It is time for urgent action. We cannot sit with
our arms folded."

South Africa has been alarmed by raw sewage pouring into the Limpopo, the
river that Rudyard Kipling once described as "great, green, greasy and all
set about with fever trees", which forms the 200-mile frontier between
Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Limpopo, whose waters South Africans drink,
bathe in and water their crops with, is now infected with cholera bacteria.
People on the South African side of the border are now dying from the

The cholera, with the toll of dead and infected increasing daily, is not a
random mishap. It is a product of state failure, a direct consequence of
decaying municipal infrastructure and a health system that can no longer
offer basic services.

Last week, Save The Children said starvation in the Zambezi Valley was
forcing people to eat meat infected with anthrax. At least three people had
been killed by the lethal bacterium. "Many families are so hungry that they
are taking meat from carcasses of their dead animals, even if they know it's
diseased, and are feeding it to their children," said Save The Children.

As the state of emergency got under way, international organisations such as
the International Red Cross and Care International began building field
latrines and distributing medicines and oral rehydration kits. They took
over responsibility from the state-run Zimbabwe National Water Authority for
delivering disease-free water and repairing collapsed sewerage pipes.

Zimbabwe's cities and towns have gone without fresh tap water for months.
Many urban households are unable to use their toilets, which are blocked by
backed-up sewage. Parliament and the high court in the capital Harare closed
down last month because of a lack of clean water.

Many people in Harare are walking more than three miles out of the city to
bring back water in plastic containers from community boreholes. When water
does flow from taps, people are frightened to use it. "It comes with a heavy
smell. Sometimes it's greenish in colour, other times brown," said Tadiwa
Chireya, a gardener in Harare's Greendale suburb.

"Funerals of people dying of cholera are a common feature of our daily
lives," said Tapiwa Hove, who lives in the working-class Harare township of
Budiro. "But it seems no-one cares. Sewage is flowing all over. It's like
living in hell.

"People are dying at an alarming rate. The government denies this, but the
reality is there for all to see. And we are thirsty in this land of plenty.
Dry taps have become a way of life."

In response to the emergency, the WHO in Geneva has sent six cholera experts
to Zimbabwe with supplies of rehydration salts and other medicines. "We are
in front of a disaster," said WHO's global cholera co-ordinator, Claire-Lise
Chaignat. "We won't be able to stop the outbreak like that. It is escalating
We know there are pockets where the case fatality rate is up to 50% in rural

Amnesty International's secretary-general, Irene Khan, bemoaned the cholera
epidemic for adding to a long list of suffering. "It is the latest in a
whole series of abuses and violations of the people," she said, citing
massive evictions of the urban poor from their homes by Mugabe's police and
murderous attacks by Zanu PF militias on dissidents and opposition party

Khan asked: "So how much more are these people going to suffer from the
Mugabe government?"

"Quite a lot more," is the answer, despite a growing chorus from African and
international statesmen for Mugabe to be toppled and perhaps be put on trial
for crimes against humanity.

Mugabe has yet to admit political responsibility for turning Zimbabwe,
during the near-30 years he has ruled, from one of Africa's most prosperous
countries into a failed state. Zimbabwe, which was once a food exporter, is
completely laid low. A lethal mix of disease, hunger, unimaginable inflation
running officially at more than 231,000,000% (though in reality is many
times higher), decayed infrastructure and flight abroad of qualified people
has crippled the country. Cholera and anthrax have come on top of an
HIV/Aids epidemic that has left Zimbabweans with the lowest life
expectancies in the world - 34 years for women and 37 for men.

Mugabe continues to blame all of Zimbabwe's crises on Western sanctions,
which he says are aimed at "regime change". However, the limited sanctions
imposed in the wake of electoral fraud and state violence are targeted
purely at the president and his close associates and consist of travel bans
and a freeze on their foreign assets.

"We've gone from some of the best healthcare in Africa to people dying
because they are living in their own sewage," said a doctor from Harare's
Parirenyatwa Hospital, once one of the finest in Africa, but now closed with
burst pipes leaking into its darkened operating theatres. "And the people
who run this country act as if it has nothing to do with them or what
they've done to this country."

The sheer ruthlessness of Mugabe and his "securocrat" elite is constantly
underestimated. It has almost been forgotten that nine months ago Mugabe and
Zanu PF actually lost the presidential and parliamentary elections. Morgan
Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC),
won the presidential poll, but not with the 50% plus one vote majority
necessary to avoid a run-off election in June.

The run-off never took place because police, soldiers and Mugabe's Zanu PF
militias launched a crackdown in which hundreds of government opponents were
killed. Tsvangirai, rather than see more people killed and maimed, withdrew
and Mugabe declared himself re-elected president unopposed.

But this time Zimbabwe had collapsed so absolutely that Mugabe and the top
military and police officers who effectively run the country could not
reverse the decline. Analysts said Zimbabwe was no longer going downhill but
had finally plunged over the cliff. John Robertson, Zimbabwe's leading
economist, who has carefully monitored the decline, last week said that
since Mugabe declared himself re-elected, the real inflation rate had
climbed until in November it reached 1.6 sextillion percent - that's 21
zeros - a number Robertson says has lost any meaning. It is impossible to
work with it and where possible Zimbabweans now use US dollars.

In September, South Africa's then president Thabo Mbeki brokered an
equivocal power-sharing deal under which Mugabe, despite his March defeat,
would remain president and Tsvangirai would become prime minister with
ministries shared between Zanu PF and the MDC. Power-sharing looks
permanently stalled because Mugabe has refused to cede control of the Police
Ministry to the MDC.

This was proven essential last week when 15 police gunmen kidnapped
prominent civic leader Jestina Mukoko, director of the Zimbabwe Peace
Project (ZPP), from her home in a pre-dawn raid. The ZPP documents human
rights abuses.

Mukoko, a former television personality, was taken away still wearing her
nightdress. She was not allowed to collect her shoes and spectacles.
Zimbabwe's top human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa and Zimbabwe Lawyers For
Human Rights have been searching police stations around Harare, but have
been unable to find the ZPP leader.

Mtetwa said the high court refused to consider an urgent application
concerning Mukoko's disappearance. "This is the second case I have had to
deal with recently in which the judiciary played games," said the lawyer.
"The other case was when MDC activist Tonderai Ndira known as "Zimbabwe's
Steve Biko" was abducted after the March election." Ndira's body was later
found decomposing in Parirenyatwa Hospital. His eyes had been gouged and his
tongue cut out. There were bullets in his chest.

"If any proof is required to demonstrate that the rule of law has completely
broken down in Zimbabwe, this Mukoko's is the case," said Mtetwa.

Following Mukoko's kidnap, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South Africa's Nobel
Peace Prize laureate, said Mugabe must either resign or be removed by force.
"The world must say, You have been responsible with your cohorts for gross
violations and you are going to face indictment in The Hague unless you step
down,'" said the archbishop, renowned for his outspoken criticism of the
apartheid government in South Africa. "Mugabe has destroyed a wonderful
country. A country that used to be a bread basket has now become a basket

Political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki, brother of Thabo Mbeki, said it would be
simple for South Africa's military, despite its current weakened state, to
invade Zimbabwe and overthrow Mugabe.

"Zimbabwe's army, like all modern armies, runs on armoured vehicles and all
the oil that goes into Zimbabwe comes through South Africa," he said. "The
reality is that if South Africa wanted a conflict, it would force the
Zimbabweans military out of their military vehicles just by cutting off the

However, there is no evidence that South Africa has the will to topple the
Mugabe government. And the deep fear being whispered by nearly everyone
involved in the international effort to control the cholera epidemic is that
once their task is complete Mugabe will claim credit and reinforce his steel
grip on Zimbabwe.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Dan Allan
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Dan Allan

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Looks like an African Elton John.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

White farmer axe murder not politically motivated: CFU

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 13:43:00 +0000

THE head of Zimbabwe's Commercial Farmers Union said Wednesday that there was probably no political motive in the axe murder Friday of white commercial farmer Bob Vaughn-Evans.

Vaughn-Evans was the director of the dominantly white organization, who was attacked at his home in Gweru with his wife.

Vaughan-Evans's wife Jean was reported to be in serious condition at Gweru Hospital. It was the third attack on the couple and an earlier assault left her wheelchair-bound.

Commercial Farmers' Union President Trevor Gifford told VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that preliminary investigations suggest the couple was attacked by criminals who have attacked and robbed vulnerable residents in the Gweru area.

Vaughan-Evans, a well-known agriculturalist and conservationist, represented the farmers union in Midlands province, of which Gweru is the capital.
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Those guys are fucking nuts for thinking they have the slimmest chance of existing in a nigger nation.

I posted a story in another thread on Zim-nigger about a White farmer who actually believed he would get justice in the courts there. A lot of those people are just as blinded multicultists as what we have in the Kwa.

BTW, I posted this thread link on a SA/Zim news site and got mobbed over calling Hoogstraten a jew. They didn't like Pierce's commentary.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Default 2 Million Face Starvation as Crops Fail

More nigger incompetence...anthropologists like to claim Africa as a center/cradle of civilization. Proof that this is bogus? Niggers still have not mastered growing food enough to feed themselves after thousands of years.

BULAWAYO — Over two million Zimbabweans face starvation before the harvest season in March, a huge jump from the December figure of 1,74 million, a survey conducted by a USAid food monitoring agency has revealed.

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (Fewsnet) said the number of Zimbabweans in need of emergency food aid now stands at 2,17 million.

“The number of food-insecure people in both rural and urban areas was estimated at 1,74 million between October and December 2009, 66% of them in the rural areas,” Fewsnet warned in a report released on Tuesday.
“This is projected to rise to 2,17 million between January and March 2010, as cereal stocks among farming households bottom out and household incomes remain low.”

The projected food shortages, worsened by a prolonged dry spell during the current cropping season, have added pressure on the cash-strapped coalition government to import food.

Agriculture Minister Joseph Made last week said the country needs to urgently import 500 000 tonnes of maize to avert the food shortages.

“What is critical is that the Ministry of Finance should already start work on the basis of the national grain reserves, which are known to be 500 000 tonnes,” Made told the state media.

Made said the government would produce its first crop assessment report on February 15.

The grain shortages have been worsened by Zanu PF’s renewed onslaught on white-owned commercial farmers.

Farmer organisations have forecast a disastrous season saying the country needs to import more than half its annual grain requirements of two million tonnes.

Zimbabwe has faced food shortages since 2000 following the chaotic land reform programme that saw landless blacks, with the approval of President Robert Mugabe, drive out white commercial farmers.

The disturbances resulted in the collapse of the agricultural sector which was the backbone of the economy.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Friday, 19 February 2010 14:37
HARARE -- At least 5 000 families were displaced from commercial farms in
Zimbabwe in 2009 as President Robert Mugabe's supporters intensified a
campaign to evict the few remaining white commercial farmers from their
properties, according to the International Organisation for Migration IOM).
The organisation that among other things works to provide humanitarian
assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced
people said: "New displacements and related vulnerabilities have continued
to arise as farms are taken over by new owners and farm workers are evicted
from their homes.
"IOM has recorded over 5,000 households that resided in farms that were
taken over in 2009, many of whom have been evicted by the new owners."
Mugabe's supporters from his Zanu (PF) party and in the military have
continued seizing white-owned farms despite formation of a unity government
between the veteran leader and former opposition chief Morgan Tsvangirai.
The one-year old power-sharing government had promised to end farm seizures
and audit Mugabe's chaotic and violent land reforms of the past decade to
pave way for an orderly land redistribution programme.
But the administration has failed to conduct the land audit in part because
of lack of funding and also because of stiff resistance from Mugabe's
supporters who have also defied last year's ruling by the Southern African
Development Community to stop farm seizures.
The IOM said it was working to assist people displaced from farms but said
it had faced difficulties delivering aid in some case because internal
displacement was a considered a politically sensitive matter in Zimbabwe.
Compounding problems in Zimbabwe, according to the IOM, was the fact that
the country has experienced massive and unacknowledged (officially) internal
displacement of people due to the land reforms implemented since 2000 while
some government programmes such as the controversial 2005 urban clean up
campaign known as Operation Murambatsvina have seen whole communities left
without shelter.
Hundreds of thousands of people were left without homes or means of
livelihood after the government bulldozed hundreds of shantytowns and
informal settlements during the clean up campaign it said was necessary to
keep cities clean and fight crime.
The IOM said: "Although there are no official statistics accurately
quantifying the magnitude of displacement in Zimbabwe, a significant number
of people have been uprooted or placed at high risk of displacement in the
last decade throughout the country."
The group said it has assisted more than 500 000 internally displaced people
in Zimbabwe between 2006 and 2009.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Life expectancy at birth for males in Zimbabwe has dramatically declined since 1990 from 60 to 37, among the lowest in the world. Life expectancy for females is even lower at 34 years.[37] Concurrently, the infant mortality rate has climbed from 53 to 81 deaths per 1,000 live births in the same period. Currently 1.8 million Zimbabweans live with HIV.

Mugabe points to foreign governments and alleged "sabotage" as the cause of the fall of the Zimbabwean economy, as well as the country's 80% formal unemployment rate.[98] Critics of Mugabe's administration, including the majority of the international community, blame Mugabe's controversial programme which sought to seize land from white commercial farmers.[
Wikipedia:Citation_needed Wikipedia:Citation_needed
] Mugabe has repeatedly blamed sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the
European_Union European_Union
and the
United_States United_States
for the state of the Zimbabwean economy. According to the United States, however, these
Economic_sanctions Economic_sanctions
target only seven specific businesses owned or controlled by government officials and not ordinary citizens.[99] During a meeting of the
Southern_African_Development_Community Southern_African_Development_Community
in 2007, a call was issued for the sanctions to be removed.[100]
Private enterprise in Zimbabwe has weakened lately. Taxes and tariffs are high, while state enterprises are strongly subsidized. State regulation is costly to companies; starting or closing a business is slow and costly.[101] Government spending is 56.4 % of GDP.[
Wikipedia:Citation_needed Wikipedia:Citation_needed
] It used to be partly financed by printing money, which led to
Hyperinflation Hyperinflation
The labor market is highly regulated; hiring a worker is cumbersome, firing a worker is difficult, and unemployment has risen to 80 % (2005).[101] Since 2000 president Mugabe has confiscated lands of white farmers, and this former net exporter of grain has now been plagued by hunger. The country has a high level of corruption.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Rhodesia in the 70s, prior to nigger takeover.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Zim niggers admit they are too stupid to manage or run the farms they took over from Whites:

YouTube- Inside a Failed State - Zimbabwe
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio

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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Mugabe Understands Democracy Well
August 7, 2013 /Dan Roodt

Is it not astounding that so many people are criticising the outcome of the Zimbabwean elections, when that country went through an official poll in which Zanu (PF) won a clear majority?

In addition, Robert Mugabe’s view of democracy is entirely commensurate with that of most western leaders, especially those of Britain and the US. There exists a dichotomy between the spectacle of campaigning and voting – the soap opera of elections – and the real business of power that is normally settled outside of public scrutiny, in proverbial smoke-filled rooms.

Democracy is what follows a “state of exception” (Carl Schmitt) during which one regime is replaced by another. Both the American and French revolutions were examples of such states of exception. In the case of Zimbabwe, Britain virtually appointed Mugabe as permanent president during the state of exception known as the Lancaster House Conference of 1979. Every election since in Zimbabwe has merely confirmed Britain’s support for revolutionary change in the ex-Rhodesia, hence the hypocrisy of complaints about largely minor deficiencies in the Zimbabwean electoral process.

Writing in the UK Daily Mail two days ago, columnist Stephen Glover said:

“Instead of expressing his anxieties, the Foreign Secretary could offer the Zimbabwean people a heartfelt apology on behalf of the British Government for inflicting Robert Mugabe on them in the first place, and then standing aside as he pillaged his country, murdered his enemies and ruined the economy… What has happened in Zimbabwe is to Britain’s eternal shame.”

Mr Mugabe is a self-styled “strong leader”. In so doing, he is simply displaying the “leadership” that everyone talks about, and that they even teach in business schools.

Modern democracy is indeed a process whereby the voter surrenders his freedom of action to members of the elite who may act on his behalf, tax him and even impoverish him to their heart’s content. During the banking crisis, we have seen how Western governments did the same and have burdened future generations with mountains of debt, simply to save their sponsors and cronies among members of the corrupt banking fraternity.

In most third-world countries, including Zimbabwe, you first queue to vote and then you stand in line for bread or some or other hand-out. The one is good practice for the other.

In South Africa, of course, those who queue to vote are rewarded with poverty, joblessness and grants of R250 a month, enough to buy beer and air time. Just look at the 10 biggest companies by market capitalisation on the JSE, and you will notice that smoking and drinking beer dwarf all other forms of economic activity, followed by mobile telephony.

Democracy is all about talking, drinking, smoking and making babies, for which you get child-support grants. The notion of freedom as defined by the philosophers of the western enlightenment is, of course, slightly more complex and subtle than subsisting for the sake of a pay-as-you-go cellphone connection.

Sadly, such classical ideas of freedom and what some people refer to as “higher ideals” have been derided by so-called “liberals” and Marxists as being tantamount to fascism. Taking pride in one’s language or culture, showing patriotism or constructing a society where people are not sheep to be lorded over by professional politicians, are all very suspect notions that are regularly denounced as “right-wing extremism”.

Aspiring to be one’s own master, holding one’s leaders accountable for public expenditure and the quality of their decision-making is reminiscent of the Tea Party programme in the US.

As the New York Times has assured us, the Tea Party is a racist movement of soon-to-be-outnumbered white Americans who hanker after the halcyon days of the Ku Klux Klan.

Private property, too, is a decidedly reactionary concept, which Mr Mugabe has “democratically” dispensed with. Most white-owned farms in Zimbabwe were bought after 1990 and after ZANU (PF)’s accession to power, yet the rights of these property owners were forfeited in favour of a revolutionary “land-reform programme”.

Most university professors in the West and in SA probably applauded him for trampling upon private property. Not to mention the nongovernmental organisations for whom starvation is big business and whose customers, the voters, will queue up again for hand-outs.

The destiny of man is to be a shopper. Everything else is Nazism, even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel still attends the annual Wagner Festival in Bayreuth.

No doubt the professors and media pundits will soon have Wagner banned worldwide and then everybody will just listen to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Democracy entails the lowering of intellectual and aesthetic standards down to the basest level.

The verbiage of Barack Obama on “democracy” resembles the kitsch of fast food, wearing track suits and sports caps in public and the obsessive, banal voyeurism of most TV programmes. We are living through a modern version of Nero’s mob rule whereby a few powerful political and financial dictators occupy the minds of the masses with “bread and circuses”, an election being the ultimate circus, of course.

As Pat Buchanan has said somewhere, democracy cannot be foisted on people by carpet-bombing them from 40 000 feet. Zimbabwe is but one among a number of societies that have been destabilised by so-called democracy. In North Africa and the Middle East, the West has not balked at supporting Al-Qaeda and related fundamentalist movements in a kind of anti-modern fervour. The paradox is that modern democracy so often leads to fundamentalism, mayhem and even primitivism.

Systems of ethnic domination whereby one group is victimised by another are routinely approved as “democratic”. In fact, there is an element of sadism in South African democracy with its endemic violence, torture and persecution of ethnic minorities about which international silence is maintained. Far from making people free, democracy often leads to greater coercion and oppression than more traditional forms of rule. It seems that democracy may only be established through terror, coercion and war, while the most democratic countries, such as the U.S. and the U.K., are also the most aggressive when it comes to foreign military adventures and attacking other countries.

Not for nothing did the Russian leader Mr. Vladimir Putin state that he was revolted by the “pro-democracy rebels” of Syria who devoured the organs of their enemies. Under democracy, more and more such cannibalistic incidents are also occurring in South Africa.

Not only does Mr Mugabe understand democracy and its empty theatrics well, but his wife Grace has mastered the art of shopping better than any New York socialite.

Surely the elected leader of Zimbabwe deserves a better press?
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Zimbabwe white farmers must fight or flee

Thousands of Zimbabwe's white farmers must decide by midnight tonight whether to fight President Robert Mugabe's government and risk jail or to flee lands they have farmed for generations.

Bringing his programme to reclaim land occupied by white settlers up to 112 years ago to a crescendo, Mugabe has given nearly 3,000 of the country's 4,500 white farmers a Thursday deadline to hand over their land for occupation by blacks.

Under a land seizure law, a farmer who defies an eviction order faces a fine and up to two years in prison.

The farmers are the first major group to face eviction since Mugabe launched his drive to compulsorily acquire white-owned farms for black resettlement two years ago.

On Wednesday, Zimbabwe state radio quoted Mugabe as saying in Singapore that he was determined to press ahead with his land reforms, despite allegations he was wrecking the country's farm-based economy.

"President Mugabe said that the fast-track resettlement programme is now over and the government is now concentrating on making the new farmers productive," it said, but made no mention of the eviction deadline.

Zimbabwe government officials refused to comment on the issue on Wednesday.
They said Joseph Msika, acting president while Mugabe is abroad, would make a statement "at an appropriate time". Some sources said he was likely to reaffirm the government's drive.

The majority of Zimbabwe's 4,500 white commercial farmers are of British origin. Their families have lived off the land throughout the past century, helping to build what was until recently one of Africa's strongest economies.

Commercial agriculture, dominated by tobacco, is the mainstay of Zimbabwe's economy, and analysts say its disruption through state-backed farm invasions has compounded food shortages and a severe economic crisis blamed on government mismanagement.

But Mugabe, Zimbabwe's sole ruler since the former Rhodesia gained independence in 1980, says his land seizures are meant to correct the wrongs of British colonialism which left 70 percent of the country's best farmland in white hands.

The 78-year-old president says he plans to complete his "fast-track land resettlement programme" by the end of August.


In May, Mugabe signed a law giving 2,900 farmers 45 days to wind up their operations and another 45 days -- expiring at midnight on August 8 -- to move off their land and make way for black settlers.

Some of the farmers say they will go. Others say they will defy the land acquisition and eviction orders and fight both through the courts.

White farmers' leaders have been working feverishly behind closed doors to win an extension of the deadline, but government sources say the chances of a reprieve are slim.

Mugabe, forbidden under Western sanctions to set foot in the United States or any European Union country, is on a business trip in Asia and Agriculture Minister Joseph Made is away in Iran.

But Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo -- who chairs the government's land acquisition audit committee -- warned on Tuesday that any farmer who defied the government's eviction orders would face the "full wrath of the law".

Zimbabwe has been in crisis since February 2000, when pro-government militants, led by veterans of the 1970s liberation war, began invading white-owned farms.

Eleven white farmers have been killed during the farm invasions, and thousands of black workers have been assaulted and forced to abandon farms.

The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU), which represents the white farmers, says it supports land redistribution, but is opposed to the system employed by the government.
CFU members were meeting for an annual congress on Wednesday likely to focus on the looming evictions.

The CFU has so far made no statement on the deadline, but a new splinter group advocating legal challenges against the government is urging farmers to fight on.

"Our position is that people should not give in because we are in a crisis as a country," Justice for Agriculture (JAG) chairman David Connolly told reporters.

Zimbabwe, usually a grain exporter, is facing a severe food shortage caused by the farm disruptions coupled with drought.

The European Union and the United States have imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his ruling elite over his land policy and after his controversial re-election as president in March.

Many Western powers say the election was rigged and are backing demands by the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for a fresh poll.

Mugabe insists he won fairly, and dismisses calls for a rerun as attempts to impose MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai as leader of the southern African country.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Whites should leave Zimbabwe says President Mugabe.

by Steve Goode • September 8, 2014 • 2 Comments

Speaking in the area of Zvimba, President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe said that White people should “all go back to England“, vowing to Zimbabweans that Whites will never return to the farm land they were evicted off of.

“The West prefers a weak leader who, they hope, would allow the whites to come back,” he said according to

“Don’t they [Westerners/White people] know where their ancestors came from? The British who are here should all go back to England.”

“What is the problem? We now have aeroplanes which can take them back quicker than the ships used by their ancestors.”

Hang on a minute, what happened to this “we all come from Africa” theory? Where are the anti-Whites now?

Back in July this year Mugabe caused a uproar after he declared that White people would no longer be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe, and the few White people left must now be removed.

“We will have no mercy for white people regarding the land, they cannot own our soil.” Mugabe said back in July, according to

“They can own properties and factories according to our laws but not a piece of land.”

“We want it indicated in our laws that Zimbabwe has truly come back to its owners and the whites will never come back”

Strangely, this was under-reported by the anti-White mainstream media. If a White leader said this about Black people in Europe, the mainstream media would scream “Hitler!”, and “Nazi!”.

This is because the anti-White mainstream media operates under this thinking: Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for everyone.

Basically, White countries are the only countries on the planet that have been singled out and chosen to be “diverse melting pots of humanity”.

Back in the real world, if you “single out” a group for mass immigration of foreigners and force the group to assimilate – there’s one word for that and one word alone: genocide. In this case it’s White genocide.

When it comes to anti-Whites, this “diversity” they’re pushing is just a code for White genocide.
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Default Zimbabwe's longtime leader Robert Mugabe is dead (again)

Robert Mugabe

Mugabe died while at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore
Mugabe died Friday morning at Singapore’s Gleneagles Hospital, according to Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry expressed their condolences and said it was working with the Embassy of Zimbabwe on repatriating Mugabe’s body.

The cause of death has not been released.
The Bloodbath is Coming
7.6 billion savages multiplying and running wild over the earth, devouring everything in sight, trampling over every other lifeform without mercy or compassion.
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The Last White Man [Documentary on the brutal mistreatment & ethnic slaughter of whites in Zimbabwe]

Under the brutal rule of Robert Mugabe, countless white families had their farmland violently seized mostly between the period of 2000-2001. Many whites were brutally tortured, raped and murdered, something Mugabe ultimately refused to charge any of the perpetrators for. Under white rule, Rhodesia was a safe, prosperous breadbasket of Africa. After the whites were murdered and driven out, the failed nation of Zimbabwe was left a dangerous, crime-ridden, economic disaster with many of its citizens forced to eat rats to prevent from starving.


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