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Old February 26th, 2008 #41
Hell Raising Woman
Jews are not superior
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Hell Raising Woman

In 2002 a group of South Africans, represented by the Khulumani Support Group, sued 20 banks and corporations in US federal court that did business in South Africa during apartheid. The plaintiffs allege that the participation of the defendant companies in key industries during the apartheid era was influential in encouraging and furthering abuses against black Africans during that time. The plaintiffs are victims of human rights abuses such as extrajudicial killings, torture and rape, and they allege that the defendants’ activities in South Africa during the apartheid era made them complicit in the commission of those abuses. The South African government is opposed to this lawsuit, and it has filed documentation with both the district court and appeals court publicly stating its position regarding the case. A federal district court judge granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss in November 2004. The plaintiffs appealed this dismissal in August of 2005. In October of 2007, the appeals court reversed the lower court's dismissal of this case and remanded the case back to the lower court for further proceedings. On 10 January 2008, the defendant companies petitioned the US Supreme Court for certiorari, asking the court to hear their appeal of the October 2007 decision of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

South Africa: Bush Administration urges halt to apartheid suit


The Bush administration has asked the Supreme Court to throw out a lawsuit that accuses more than 30 U.S. and European corporations of violating international law by assisting South Africa's former apartheid government. The case -- three suits being considered jointly -- seeks up to $400 billion in damages from corporations such as Ford Motor Co., IBM Corp., Citigroup Inc., and General Electric Co., for their business relationships with the South African government from 1948 to 1994, according to court papers.
A jew can't handle "truth" with dignity, but refutes with lies of exaggeration.

Jews -- tall, tall, tall, tales they tell. Famous fairytale storytellers of the Holocaust.

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Hell Raising Woman
Jews are not superior
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: USA - House of Babylonia where greed, immigration and homosexuality flourishes and the jews love it.
Posts: 1,609
Hell Raising Woman


36 Hours in Cape Town

Alice Buckley for The New York Times
The dishes at the Africa Café are a celebration.

Published: January 27, 2008
CAPE Town is South Africa’s Los Angeles to Johannesburg’s New York — the glitzy, gorgeous, self-obsessed foil to its grittier, more serious and more powerful big sister. Which is not to say that it lacks a serious side. Cape Town holds its own with Johannesburg as a locus of South Africa’s liberation struggle, and no other African city combines heart-stopping beauty and historical gravitas so effortlessly.
Skip to next paragraph Cape Town Travel Guide

Slide Show Weekend in Cape Town, South Africa

Map Cape Town, South Africa

3 p.m.
In Cape Town everything plays second fiddle to Table Mountain, the city’s 3,051-foot icon. So join the hordes of videocam-toting tourists who take the rotating cable car to the top (27-21-424-8181;; 130 rand round trip for adults, or about $19 at 6.89 rand to the dollar, and 68 rand for children aged 4 to 18). The views of the city, Table Bay and the spectacular landscape beyond the mountain’s south flank are both awe-inspiring and a grand orientation for the first-time visitor. Spend an hour hiking; snap the rock rabbits, or “dassies,” that abound on the cliffs; and check out the giant compass rose in the mountain’s center. Return footsore, but inspired.
6 p.m.
Over sleepy walls in the Gardens district is a garden furrowed in 1652 by slaves to supply food to ships of the Dutch East India Company. Today it is a botanical preserve, the centerpiece of South Africa’s parliament and several national galleries and worth a stroll in its own right. Steps away is one of Africa’s best restaurants, Aubergine (39 Barnet Street; 27-21-465-4909;, which serves modern twists on Continental food in a similarly eclectic — and elegant — blend of blond-wooded modern and country décor. Have a drink in the outdoor lounge, with superb views of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, then dine on springbok medallions infused with bitter chocolate or calf’s liver with a pumpkin fritter and pineapple chutney. The wine list, featuring South Africa’s best, is both broad and deep. A three-course dinner for two with a glass of house wine runs 600 rand.
10 p.m.
The Observatory neighborhood south of downtown — named for its location near the first Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope established by the British in 1820 — was one of the few areas to escape racial separation under apartheid. Today it’s a funky neighborhood of cafes and clubs serving the cosmopolitan student body of the University of Cape Town, a center for other nations’ study-abroad programs. Hang out at the Obz Cafe (115 Lower Main Road; 27-21-448-5555;, a neighborhood institution that is host to comics, plays and local musicians in its own theater, or Café Ganesh (Lower Main Road at Trill Road; 27-21-448-3435;, a downscale student bar-cum-club-cum-restaurant that serves samoosas (3.50 rand), Indian South Africa’s answer to egg rolls, downstairs, and art films and live, sometimes impromptu, performances upstairs.
11 a.m.
District Six, in the mountain’s shadow, was a bohemian mix of Indian, black, Muslim and white residents until the apartheid government razed the neighborhood in the 1960s to enforce racial separation. Sixty thousand people lost almost everything. The District Six Museum (25A Buitenkant Street; 27-21-466-7200;; free admission) is in a converted church that was once a center of anti-apartheid activity. It graphically documents apartheid’s ravages in photographs and artifacts from the vanished neighborhood.
1 p.m.
Most South African gold comes from Johannesburg, a thousand miles away. But by far its most glittering representation is here in the Gold of Africa Museum (96 Strand Street; 27-21-405-1540;; 20 rand for adults, 10 rand for children under 16), which showcases two centuries of goldsmithing, from necklace chains to masks to crocodiles, by artisans from western Africa and beyond. The highlight of several hundred stunning pieces is the world’s finest assemblage of African gold artwork, acquired from a Geneva museum in 2001. Grab a snack and a glass of wine in the courtyard of the impeccably restored museum building; modern goldsmiths also practice their art in a workshop there.
2 p.m.
Many of the cape’s charms are outside the city, so rent a car and head 15 miles south along the Atlantic to Hout Bay (, Dutch for Wood Bay, signifying the forests that once pelted the area. Hout Bay is a fishing center that is also a laid-back retreat for wealthy Capetonians. But the highlight is Chapman’s Peak Drive, a five-mile mountainside journey justifiably called one of Earth’s most scenic motorways. Bring a camera for the staggering bay and mountain views; beware the high winds that can pitch the incautious over sheer 700-foot cliffs.
3 p.m.
Now, time for some fun. Across the cape peninsula and through a string of picturesque towns lies Boulders Coastal Park (open 24 hours; 10 rand entry fee from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), the locale of scores of gigantic cantaloupe-round boulders and, more important, hundreds of African penguins. Two feet tall, brimming with head-cocking curiosity and hair-trigger irritability, the penguins are among the most endearing sights on the cape, and being thoroughly socialized, they grudgingly tolerate human presence, though not touch. Boulders Beach has one of only two land-based African penguin colonies; the rest are on islands. Even hardened adults will be completely charmed. Get a late lunch at the Penguin Point Cafe (4 Boulders Place, Simon’s Town; 27-21-786-1758;, an indoor-outdoor restaurant where much of the fare — like the tiger prawns with udon noodles in butter sauce or ostrich fillet with Thai coconut curry sauce and spiced tomato jam — reflects an Asian influence. Lunch for two, with appetizer, dessert and a glass of wine, can run 350 rand, but burgers and other less expensive fare are also offered. Then take your camera and a swimsuit to the beach and splash with the birds.
7 p.m.
Tourist-oriented Cape Town is so distinctly European that it’s all too possible to forget its roots. So head to the Africa Café (108 Short Market Street; 27-21-422-0221;, set in a restored Georgian house from the 1700s on a street that has lately become a restaurant (and tourist) destination. The menu plays on dishes from three major South African cultures, Xhosa, Zulu and Ndebele, and variants like the spicy Malay foods brought by Indonesian conscripts who first came to Cape Town 300 years ago. The fixed-price menu (170 rand per person) includes samples of 10 dishes, with the chance to take more of those you like, plus coffee and dessert. An adjoining ceramics shop offers original dinnerware designs reflecting the restaurant’s culinary heritage.
9 p.m.
Daytime, one can sit in an outdoor cafe at Camps Bay and marvel at the bodies on the icing-sugar beach, directly west, and the squadrons of paragliders directly above, buzzing Lion’s Head, the 2,200-foot counterpoint to nearby Table Mountain. Evenings, one takes the not-too-strenuous hike to the top of Lion’s Head to watch the sunset, then heads back for some fashionable night life. Live jazz reigns at Dizzy (39-41 The Drive; 27-21-438-2686), an unpretentious and laid-back cafe. A D.J. plays Africa-flavored tracks at Baraza (The Promenade, Victoria Road; 27-21-438-2040;, an upscale cocktail bar outfitted in African-Arabic décor (the name is Swahili for meeting place), where patrons gather on sofas overlooking the beach and bay. Strictly for younger folk who just want to party, La Med (Glen Country Club, Victoria Road; 27-21-438-5600;, on the beach in adjacent Clifton, is a burgers-and-beer pub by day and student-crammed dance club by (very late) night, and the attire ranges from casual to bikinis and cutoffs.
10 a.m.
There was a time long before apartheid when South African wines were savored by Napoleon and Louis XVI. The vintages are reclaiming their global renown now that democracy (and a wave of new investment) has arrived. Before you leave, visit one of the many wineries south of Cape Town, which combine a healthy sampling of varietals with brunch at some of the region’s finest restaurants. One of many is Vrede en Lust in the Franschhoek Valley (Route 45 at Klapmuts Road, Simondium; 27-21-874-1611;, which also offers accommodations in an inn dating from the late 1600s. Besides the tour, visitors can enjoy private wine tastings and a newly renovated thatched-roof restaurant, Cotage Fromage (27-21-874-3991).
South African Airways flies daily to Cape Town from Kennedy Airport in New York and Washington’s Dulles Airport, sometimes stopping briefly in Dakar, Senegal, and always changing planes in Johannesburg. Round-trip fares from New York start at about $1,300. Taxis from the airport to central Cape Town are around 200 rand, about $30 at 6.89 rand to the dollar. Renting a car may be more efficient, and Cape Town is reasonably navigable to outsiders; but remember that South Africans drive on the left.

Crime is always a concern in South Africa, and Cape Town is no exception. Reasonably vigilant travelers should encounter no problems: the scare stories generally exceed the reality.

The reality jews don't want the gullible goy to know:

South African white woman who never woke up.

South African white male shot in the face while in bed.
A jew can't handle "truth" with dignity, but refutes with lies of exaggeration.

Jews -- tall, tall, tall, tales they tell. Famous fairytale storytellers of the Holocaust.
Old February 27th, 2008 #43
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[Long, good article about the decline of South Africa under the nigger - very little Western reporting on this since the nigger takeover almost fifteen years ago.]

Wounded Nation

The lights are literally and figuratively going out all over South Africa as crime, corruption and mismanagement push the rainbow country towards becoming another failed african state.

By Fred Bridgland in Johannesburg

AFTER BATHING in the warm, fuzzy glow of the Mandela years, South Africans today are deeply demoralised people. The lights are going out in homes, mines, factories and shopping malls as the national power authority, Eskom - suffering from mismanagement, lack of foresight, a failure to maintain power stations and a flight of skilled engineers to other countries - implements rolling power cuts that plunge towns and cities into daily chaos.

Major industrial projects are on hold. The only healthy enterprise now worth being involved in is the sale of small diesel generators to powerless households but even this business has run out of supplies and spare parts from China.

The currency, the rand, has entered freefall. Crime, much of it gratuitously violent, is rampant, and the national police chief faces trial for corruption and defeating the ends of justice as a result of his alleged deals with a local mafia kingpin and dealer in hard drugs.

Newly elected African National Congress (ANC) leader Jacob Zuma, the state president-in-waiting, narrowly escaped being jailed for raping an HIV-positive woman last year, and faces trial later this year for soliciting and accepting bribes in connection with South Africa's shady multi-billion-pound arms deal with British, German and French weapons manufacturers.

One local newspaper columnist suggests that Zuma has done for South Africa's international image what Borat has done for Kazakhstan. ANC leaders in 2008 still speak in the spiritually dead jargon they learned in exile in pre-1989 Moscow, East Berlin and Sofia while promiscuously embracing capitalist icons - Mercedes 4x4s, Hugo Boss suits, Bruno Magli shoes and Louis Vuitton bags which they swing, packed with money passed to them under countless tables - as they wing their way to their houses in the south of France.

It all adds up to a hydra-headed crisis of huge proportions - a perfect storm as the Rainbow Nation slides off the end of the rainbow and descends in the direction of the massed ranks of failed African states. Eskom has warned foreign investors with millions to sink into big industrial and mining projects: we don't want you here until at least 2013, when new power stations will be built.

In the first month of this year, the rand fell 12% against the world's major currencies and foreign investors sold off more than £600 million worth of South African stocks, the biggest sell-off for more than seven years.

"There will be further outflows this month, because there won't be any news that will convince investors the local growth picture is going to change for the better," said Rudi van der Merwe, a fund manager at South Africa's Standard Bank.

Commenting on the massive power cuts, Trevor Gaunt, professor of electrical engineering at the University of Cape Town, who warned the government eight years ago of the impending crisis, said: "The damage is huge, and now South Africa looks just like the rest of Africa. Maybe it will take 20 years to recover."

The power cuts have hit the country's platinum, gold, manganese and high-quality export coal mines particularly hard, with no production on some days and only 40% to 60% on others.

"The shutdown of the mining industry is an extraordinary, unprecedented event," said Anton Eberhard, a leading energy expert and professor of business studies at the University of Cape Town.

"That's a powerful message, massively damaging to South Africa's reputation for new investment. Our country was built on the mines."

To examine how the country, widely hailed as Africa's last best chance, arrived at this parlous state, the particular troubles engulfing the Scorpions (the popular name of the National Prosecuting Authority) offers a useful starting point.

The elite unit, modelled on America's FBI and operating in close co-operation with Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO), is one of the big successes of post-apartheid South Africa. An independent institution, separate from the slipshod South African Police Service, the Scorpions enjoy massive public support.

The unit's edict is to focus on people "who commit and profit from organised crime", and it has been hugely successful in carrying out its mandate. It has pursued and pinned down thousands of high-profile and complex networks of national and international corporate and public fraudsters.

Drug kingpins, smugglers and racketeers have felt the Scorpions' sting. A major gang that smuggle platinum, South Africa's biggest foreign exchange earner, to a corrupt English smelting plant has been bust as the result of a huge joint operation between the SFO and the Scorpions. But the Scorpions, whose top men were trained by Scotland Yard, have been too successful for their own good.

The ANC government never anticipated the crack crimebusters would take their constitutional independence seriously and investigate the top ranks of the former liberation movement itself.

The Scorpions have probed into, and successfully prosecuted, ANC MPs who falsified their parliamentary expenses. They secured a jail sentence for the ANC's chief whip, who took bribes from the German weapons manufacturer that sold frigates and submarines to the South African Defence Force. They sent to jail for 15 years a businessman who paid hundreds of bribes to then state vice-president Jacob Zuma in connection with the arms deal. Zuma was found by the judge to have a corrupt relationship with the businessman, and now the Scorpions have charged Zuma himself with fraud, corruption, tax evasion, racketeering and defeating the ends of justice. His trial will begin in August.

The Scorpions last month charged Jackie Selebi, the national police chief, a close friend of state president Thabo Mbeki, with corruption and defeating the ends of justice. Commissioner Selebi, who infamously called a white police sergeant a "f***ing chimpanzee" when she failed to recognise him during an unannounced visit to her Pretoria station, has stepped down pending his trial.

But now both wings of the venomously divided ANC - ANC-Mbeki and ANC-Zuma - want the Scorpions crushed, ideally by June this year. The message this will send to the outside world is that South Africa's rulers want only certain categories of crime investigated, while leaving government ministers and other politicians free to stuff their already heavily lined pockets.

No good reason for emasculating the Scorpions has been put forward. "That's because there isn't one," said Peter Bruce, editor of the influential Business Day, South Africa's equivalent of, and part-owned by, The Financial Times, in his weekly column.

"The Scorpions are being killed off because they investigate too much corruption that involves ANC leaders. It is as simple and ugly as that," he added.

The demise of the Scorpions can only exacerbate South Africa's out-of-control crime situation, ranked for its scale and violence only behind Colombia. Everyone has friends and acquaintances who have had guns held to their heads by gangsters, who also blow up ATM machines and hijack security trucks, sawing off their roofs to get at the cash.

In the past few days my next-door neighbour, John Matshikiza, a distinguished actor who trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company and is the son of the composer of the South African musical King Kong, had been violently attacked, and friends visiting from Zimbabwe had their car stolen outside my front window in broad daylight.

My friends flew home to Zimbabwe without their car and the tinned food supplies they had bought to help withstand their country's dire political and food crisis and 27,000% inflation. Matshikiza, a former member of the Glasgow Citizens Theatre company, was held up by three gunmen as he drove his car into his garage late at night. He gave them his car keys, wallet, cellphone and luxury watch and begged them not to harm his partner, who was inside the house.

As one gunman drove the car away, the other two beat Matshikiza unconscious with broken bottles, and now his head is so comprehensively stitched that it looks like a map of the London Underground.

These assaults were personal, but mild compared with much commonplace crime.

Last week, for example, 18-year-old Razelle Botha, who passed all her A-levels with marks of more than 90% and was about to train as a doctor, returned home with her father, Professor Willem Botha, founder of the geophysics department at the University of Pretoria, from buying pizzas for the family. Inside the house, armed gunmen confronted them. They shot Professor Botha in the leg and pumped bullets into Razelle.

One severed her spine. Now she is fighting for her life and will never walk again, and may never become a doctor. The gunmen stole a laptop computer and a camera.

Feeding the perfect storm are the two centres of ANC power in the country at the moment. On the one hand, there is the ANC in parliament, led by President Mbeki, who last Friday gave a state-of-the-nation address and apologised to the country for the power crisis.

Mbeki made only the briefest of mentions of the national Aids crisis, with more than six million people HIV-positive. He did not address the Scorpions crisis. The collapsing public hospital system, under his eccentric health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, an alcoholic who recently jumped the public queue for a liver transplant, received no attention. And the name Jacob Zuma did not pass his lips.

Last December Mbeki and Zuma stood against each other for the leadership of the ANC at the party's five-yearly electoral congress. Mbeki, who cannot stand again as state president beyond next year's parliamentary and presidential elections, hoped to remain the power behind the throne of a new state president of his choosing.

Zuma, a Zulu populist with some 20 children by various wives and mistresses, hoped to prove that last year's rape case, and the trial he faces this year for corruption and other charges, were part of a plot by Mbeki to use state institutions to discredit him. Mbeki assumed that the notion of Zuma assuming next year the mantle worn by Nelson Mandela as South Africa's first black state president would be so appalling to delegates, a deeply sad and precipitous decline, that his own re-election as ANC leader was a shoo-in.

But Mbeki completely miscalculated his own unpopularity - his perceived arrogance, failure to solve health and crime problems, his failure to deliver to the poor - and he lost. Now Zuma insists that he is the leader of the country and ANC MPs in parliament must take its orders from him, while Mbeki soldiers on until next year as state president, ordering MPs to toe his line.

Greatly understated, it is a mess. Its scale will be dramatically illustrated if South Africa's hosting of the 2010 World Cup is withdrawn by Fifa, the world football body.

Already South African premier league football evening games are being played after midnight because power for floodlights cannot be guaranteed before that time. Justice Malala, one of the country's top newspaper columnists, has called on Fifa to end the agony quickly.

"I don't want South Africa to host the football World Cup because there is no culture of responsibility in this country," he wrote in Johannesburg's bestselling Sunday Times.

"The most outrageous behaviour and incompetence is glossed over. No-one is fired. I have had enough of this nonsense, of keeping quiet and ignoring the fact that the train is about to run us over.

"It is increasingly clear that our leaders are incapable of making a success of it. Scrap the thing and give it to Australia, Germany or whoever will spare us the ignominy of watching things fall apart here - football tourists being held up and shot, the lights going out, while our politicians tell us everything is all right."

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Old February 27th, 2008 #44
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[Reader comments on above article]

Posted by: The Doc, South Africa on 4:44am Tue 26 Feb 08

I'm a northern European medical doctor. A senior surgeon, working in the public sector of South Africa. I have done so the last 5 years. I do not want to speak outside my discipline, so this will be about the medical demise of SA.

Most visitors to South Africa, who encounter the public health sector, do so by visiting a hospital or a clinic in or near the big cities. What they get to see is a hospital or a clinic, which is working, but not up to Western standards. Before I came down here, I believed that pre-94 South Africa had a very good health care system for the white population, and nothing for the black. I soon discovered that was not the case. The Calvinistic white rulers of South Africa had built an elaborate network of public hospitals, reaching the outermost societies of this large country. We are talking about 5-600 beds hospitals far out in the rural areas. Before 1994, they were well manned and equipped, and complicated procedures were carried out there. I know this. I’ve been to these hospitals and spoken to the people working there. I have gone through old patient files and surgical statistics. These were hospitals that catered for the black population. This web of hospitals as I can see must have covered more or less 100% of South Africa’s population, including the former Bantustans or homelands. I know that the same situation was present as to schools. The ANC run a couple of campaigns like “Election before education” and “To make the country ungovernable”. As part of that, most rural schools were burnt down. Keeping in mind the traditionally very violent African culture down here, one perfectly do understand why the hospitals built by the apartheid government, did not suffer the same fate. This has left us with a window to the past; we can clearly see that the apartheid government did not only care for their white population, but in fact, also took great responsibility for the black, at something that must have been an enormous cost.

Back to visiting South African hospitals… When doing so, the visitor will be shown one of a few hospitals, were not too many windows are broken, not all the equipment has been vandalized and not all the electric supply has been cut off. Now, go outside these hospitals, go to the former rural hospitals, and what do you find? You will find that the hospitals built for the black population, by the black ANC government, have been degraded and left unfunded. You will find hospitals with no doctors. Hospitals with no electricity. No X-ray equipment. No furniture. You actually will find old rural hospital inhabited by squatters! It is for me a huge paradox that the black government seems to have zero compassion for their own population, as long as they can get away with it and no one can or will see it. The black population has not by magic become so much healthier after 1994 that these hospitals are not needed anymore. Au contraire, the black population is in dire need of these hospitals, but all they find are ghost hospitals. Many of whom I’ve visited, are beyond repair.

I am leaving South Africa now. I have paid my duties, and I am forever marked by Africa in the form of an entry and exit 9 mm bullet hole in my right upper leg. I got it because my robber was not happy with me handing over my 10 year old or something Nokia 6110 cellphone, and some small coins. No wallet, no rings and only amalgam fillings… Now, what kind of doctor is that?

My last word to South Africa: Go to hell!

Posted by: BREEDERS AND CONSUMERS, South Africa on 12:05pm Tue 26 Feb 08

I was born in Zambia, a white, but live in SA, and ask if I, as a true African, can claim my birthright? Can I own land in Zambia, build a business for my children, hand down a legacy? No, I can only lease land, at the whim of a transient government. In SA, as a white, I am being told to hand my farm over to blacks, am forced to give tham shares in my business. Where in the history of the white race, have we ever been given a country, lock, stock and barrel with hospitals, universities, schools, airports and railways, and all that goes with it? But the black masses were given my new country, South Africa. Why? It is because they are a breeding, consuming, demanding majority. In all my years in frica, that's all I've ever seen them do- breed, consume, and demand more, not build and achieve, like my own race have had to. They mimic our western culture, because they like 'bling' but they are not the creators of any of it. They will consume it, until there is nothing left to take from the whites. Africa is dying, they don't even know it, and no amount of 'giving' will save it. Beware, black man- when the Chinese are your masters, you will long for the day of the white man.

Posted by: Not Nelson Mandela, Europe on 4:47pm Tue 26 Feb 08

Well, well, well.

How long will it take before the brainwashed and lobotomized western world wakes up to what is REALLY going on here? How long will people fail to see the connection between the complete lack of negro accomplishments and the well-documented low negro IQ. It's all "white racism", despite the fact that every shred of civilization in black Africa was brought by whites. South Africa would still be a useless Bantu backwater if whites had not introduced civilizatio. But of course, then Mandela and his posse would have nothing to destroy.

Same thing as Haiti. It's 95% black, and despite having been independent for 200 years, is the absolutely poorest and most corrupt nation in all of America. Is that "white racism" too?
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

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Hell Raising Woman
Jews are not superior
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Hell Raising Woman
Default Niggers eat urinated food from Whites --- LOL!

Outcry in SA over 'racist' video

The alleged victims vomited after being made to eat fouled food

Several white students in South Africa face criminal charges after allegedly forcing black campus employees to eat food that had been urinated on.

A video has surfaced which appears to show the students instructing five elderly workers to drink beer and perform athletic tasks.
At one point, the University of Free State employees are apparently forced to eat food which has been urinated on.
The rector at the university has strongly condemned the video.
Students and staff joined a protest march at the campus in Bloemfontein, and student groups say they are now planning to call nationwide anti-racism demonstrations.
All these issues must be brought forward so that all the people of South Africa can see that racism is still a dominant feature in South African society

Siviwe Vamva
South African Students Congress

The video was reportedly recorded in protest at moves to integrate black and white students in the same residences at the University of the Free State.
The BBC's Mpho Lakaje says the university is known for having predominantly white students since the days of apartheid.
In recent years it has encountered difficulties trying to integrate people from other racial groups, and the latest incident is viewed by many as a clear indication of racial intolerance, he says.
The video shows five black people allegedly being instructed by a group of white students to down full bottles of beer, reports our correspondent, who has watched it.

Students rallied near the campus, and other protests are planned

The university workers are then led to a playing field where they are told to display their athletic skills.
But it is the final extract of the film that has angered members of the public. It shows a white male urinating on food, and then - shouting: "Take! Take!" in Afrikaans - apparently forcing the campus employees to eat the dirty food, and causing them to vomit.
The alleged perpetrators are current or former students at the University of the Free State, say reports.
Its rector, Frederick Fourie, told the BBC that he was "extremely upset about the incident".
"We are having a management meeting. And there's a strong condemnation of this from everybody concerned," he said.
The university says it has begun procedures to suspend the students allegedly implicated in the video, and says the alleged victims have received psychological support.
On Wednesday, hundreds of black students and workers from the institution handed over a list of demands to management.

Siviwe Vamva, from the South African Students Congress, said the group was planning to call a national strike on Thursday 6 March to raise the profile its anti-racism campaign.
He said racism was also still a problem in other universities.
"It's not only the University of Free State," Mr Vamva said.
"We are saying that all these issues must be brought forward so that all the people of South Africa can see that racism is still a dominant feature in South African society."
The South African Institute of Race Relations has said this incident and several others over the past month could threaten general improvements in race relations since the end of apartheid.
The institute also condemned the shooting of four black people by a white youth, and the decision by the Forum for Black Journalists to evict a white journalist from a meeting.
A jew can't handle "truth" with dignity, but refutes with lies of exaggeration.

Jews -- tall, tall, tall, tales they tell. Famous fairytale storytellers of the Holocaust.
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Thumbs up I love this guy! -- R3NDI3R -- tells it as it is!

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Student video brings South Africa's racial tensions to the surface
A video showing white students carrying out humiliating acts on black campus workers has caused outrage in South Africa. It includes images of one of the students urinating into a container of soup, which is then given to four unwitting black cleaners who are later seen vomiting into buckets. A voice is heard explaining that the act is a protest at plans to integrate non-whites into a whites-only residence building.

The university is in Bloemfontein, the rural heartland of the Afrikaaner, the original white settlers of South Africa. Even in the post-Apartheid era, racial harmony there remains elusive.

One black student at the university said: "If I am in class they (whites) can't even sit beside us. They just choose to sit beside other whites. That shows they are not appreciating us at all."

The tape has sparked debate and brought condemnation from whites and non-whites.
Police had to use stun grenades to disperse angry protesters on the campus.
Two of the students behind the video have since finished their studies, while two others have been banned from the campus. They may face criminal charges.
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Originally Posted by Marwinsing View Post

Internet is not $ 150. in SA
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[No mention the ANC and government are deliberately trying to destroy Afrikaner culture and people. That might breed 'racism.' No mention Whites are discriminated against in all professional work. That might breed 'racism.']

Never mind ‘the other’ — we are all to blame

Mar 01, 2008

The wave of condemnations of the racist video made by the four University of the Free State students has thrown up a basic but terrible question: how could this have happened?

How, we are asked, is it possible that, 14 years into our democracy, such a film could have been made, a film that degrades and humiliates a group of people from among the most vulnerable in our country — the women whose job it is to clean up the campus residence that housed these scions of Afrikaner privilege?

It has also been said that the content of this video was so appalling that it left us wondering about the sort of people who live among us, that we may even be living in two different countries — one a place of peace and harmony; the other a parallel state that remains forever mired in the apartheid past.

But the truth of the matter is much more grim.

There is only one South Africa. It is the South Africa of the university’s Reitz hostel and the events that took place within its whites-only confines. It is the South Africa of the Skierlik informal settlement in Swartruggens in North West where, six weeks ago, 18-year-old Johan Nel allegedly shot dead four black people and wounded six others. It is the South Africa of jeering white high school pupils in Newcastle who greeted their new Indian principal with booing and a chanted rendition of Bok van Blerk’s De la Rey anthem.

It is perhaps easy, comforting even, to dismiss these and the other racist episodes of recent weeks as isolated incidents; not part of the bigger picture, as it were. But to do so would be to ignore a crucial and unsettling common denominator — the youth of these racists.

The Free State students were five or six years old when this country held its first democratic elections. Nel hadn’t even started school. The Newcastle kids were even younger. What did they know of apartheid? What could they have known? Where did they learn to be racist?
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[No rights for Whites anywhere blacks are in power. Just discrmination, mocking, and violence as far as the eye can see.]

Mampara : Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg

It is extraordinary that, 14 years into our democracy, someone should campaign for segregated residences at our universities.

Such a Mampara is Freedom Front Plus youth leader Cornelius Jansen van Rensburg, who does just that — in the wake of the racist video debacle at UFS.

Jansen van Rensburg says the incident highlights the challenges facing the country — but that “social engineering” is doomed to failure. “It’s a problem in the whole society,” he claims. “I’ve been called a f***ing Boer before and no one ever writes about that.”

Two things: one, of course “social engineering” is doomed to failure — racists like you will make sure of that — and, two, you’re worse than a f***ing Boer, and we wrote that right here.
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Jews incite the niggers to racist violence with anti-white hate propaganda. While at the same time, shame whites into submission with guilt-trip attrocity propaganda.

Been going on here for over 50 years, and as we can see, it works.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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[Libs worldwide are using a 'piss' video and a White's shooting of four nigs to misrepresent reality and prop up their Big Lie about the legacy of apartheid being the central problem in the "new" South Africa. Note that: 1) no urine was used in the video; 1a) getting people to drink bodily fluids is a staple of jewish high-school/college/frat movies; 1b) the "victims" participated willingly; 2) the white who shot blacks had been attacked by blacks in the past; 3) nigger violence against Whites is absolutely shocking and at higher levels in SA than anywhere else in the world; 4) Whites students at Free State U. are being forcibly integrated with niggers very much against their wishes; 5) the nigs running South Africa make no bones about their desire to destroy Afrikaner culture; 6) this manufactured story, combined with one other to form a bogus trend, is picked up by MTV, LAT and 320+ other papers; it makes the global rounds whereas violence against Whites goes completely unreported in the Western countries whose populations were assured by the jewsmedia that ending White rule was morally necessary.]

DEFENDER: Pieter Odendaal, head of the student residence where the video was filmed and who was not involved in the incident, said the students had poured only water onto the food.

A 'joke' played on black workers is the latest incident to show the country is still struggling with the legacy of apartheid.

By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
February 29, 2008

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA -- The camera focuses on a plate of food placed on a toilet lid. There is a dribble of liquid, which appears to be urine, into the food. A white South African university student heats the plate in a microwave oven, and then a group of white students exhorts several black cleaning workers to eat the food from plastic cups.

The video, filmed as a "joke" last year by four white students and splashed across the front pages of South African newspapers Thursday, sent shock waves across a country struggling to shed apartheid's legacy, 14 years after white-minority rule ended and Nelson Mandela became the country's first elected black leader.

A spokesman for the South African Human Rights Commission, Mothusi Lepheana, demanded that the students face criminal charges and be expelled from school. A lawyer for the students, Nico Naude, said the liquid was water and that the cleaning staff participated willingly in the "joke."

Despite the optimism that followed South Africa's democratic elections in 1994, the decades of segregation and oppression under apartheid have left a legacy of unease that continues to trigger high-profile clashes and, on occasion, violence over race. Recent public opinion surveys reveal a lack of trust and social integration between blacks and whites.

Just weeks ago, the country was shocked by killings in a poor squatter camp: A 17-year-old white boy allegedly drove to the camp, Skierlik, near Rustenburg in the North-West province, and shot and killed four people, including two children, all of them black. [Members of his family had been attacked and killed by blacks.]

South Africa has also been wrestling with racial controversy on its national cricket team. Coach Mickey Arthur was temporarily barred from selecting team members for Cricket South Africa after he put forward a 14-member squad with just four blacks.

There was more tension last week after white journalists were evicted from a news conference at which African National Congress President Jacob Zuma addressed an association of black journalists.

The university video, which surfaced this week, was made by four students at the University of the Free State, once a bastion for white Afrikaners. Two of the students have been suspended and the other two left the school last year. [Why can't blacks build their own institutions instead of integration/destroying Whites'?]

The video lampooned the university's plans to force racial integration of the dormitories, a policy that went ahead this year despite objections from many white students. [Blacks get black-themed dorms in the U.S. as a matter of course, but it's racist if Whites demand the same.]

The video showed a parody of a student initiation ceremony, akin to rituals conducted at fraternities in the U.S. Several black female workers were "initiated" by "down down" (a beer drinking race), before throwing a rugby ball around and gagging over the allegedly contaminated food. The "winner" is awarded a bottle of whiskey amid smiles and laughter.

The incident is being investigated by authorities, and the video was strongly condemned by the ruling ANC and other political groups Thursday.

But Naude, the students' lawyer, said, "There was definitely no urine in the food." He said the students had good relations with the workers, whom they saw as mother figures or "compatriots." He said the women were shown smiling and dancing and at other points laughing in a way that did not suggest humiliation.

Leader of the Student Representative Council, Ben Schoonwinkel, who is white, said he did not believe the video was intended to be nasty, but said it went too far.

Lepheana, of the Human Rights Commission, however, said the students tricked the women into participating.

He said the video proved that some people had been "left behind" as the country moved forward on race relations. He blamed the university, accusing it of other cases of discrimination, such as barring pregnant students from the student hostel. The university did not respond to a request for an interview.

The rash of recent incidents threatens to widen a public perception that race relations have deteriorated.

In a 2007 survey by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, nearly a quarter of respondents said they never had contact with other races in the course of their daily work, and nearly half said they never socialized with other races. About half of blacks said other races were untrustworthy, and 24% of whites did not trust other races.

Hannah Botsis of the South African Institute of Race Relations said the "rainbow nation" rhetoric embraced by the government in 1994 to symbolize racial harmony had glossed over the problems of transforming the country.

It made people feel temporarily good about the country but failed to put in place the structures needed to deal with the different expectations various race groups had of democracy, Botsis said. The resulting misunderstandings left many people feeling further apart than they were in 1994.

"The people that are being attacked are still the poorest and most vulnerable in our community. In terms of these blatant attacks that shock all South Africans, it's still the poorest that are the victims," Botsis said.,3313866.story
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[Google 3/1/08]

Video heightens racial tension in South Africa
Los Angeles Times, CA - Feb 29, 2008
By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA -- The camera focuses on a plate of food placed on a toilet lid. ...
This is the real South Africa Times Online
More students say sorry for demeaning video CNN
South African University Erupts In Protest Over Racist Video
Independent Online - The Associated Press
all 329 news articles »
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[Associated Press]

SAfrican Students Apologize for Video

By CELEAN JACOBSON – 1 day ago

BLOEMFONTEIN, South Africa (AP) — Two white students behind a video in which five black university workers appear to be duped into eating food tainted with urine apologized and said they had been "crucified as racists."

Meanwhile, a magazine said Friday that one of its black journalists covering the video story had been assaulted in what appeared to be a racial attack at a restaurant in Bloemfontein.

Themba Makamo, 26, had to receive stitches after been accosted at his table by a "burly white man" who later followed him to the bathroom, where he headbutted, kicked and punched the journalist in the face and used racially derogatory words, the news and entertainment magazine Drum said in a statement.

Bloemfontein police spokeswoman Superintendent Annelie Wrensch said the complaint was being investigated.

The video, which showed four middle-aged women and one man on their knees eating the food, has been seen around the world, exposing deep racial tensions in South Africa more than a decade after racist white rule ended.

The University of the Free State in the city of Bloemfontein, 400 miles south of Johannesburg, is regarded as a bastion for Afrikaners, descendants of Dutch settlers who are often most closely linked with apartheid rule.

The two students, Roelof Malherbe and Schalk van der Merwe, who have been banned from the university's campus, said in a statement issued by their lawyer late Thursday that although it appeared as if the food had been urinated on, a "harmless" liquid had been squirted from a bottle.

The two students, said they regretted making the film, which they said they meant as a "satirical slant" on the issue of racial integration at the university dormitories.

Malherbe and Van der Merwe are "not racists and, most certainly, had no intention of humiliating or degrading the employees concerned or black people in general or of detrimentally affecting their dignity," the statement said.

However, it said the students "now regret having participated in the making of the film" and "apologize for any embarrassment which they may, unintentionally, have caused to any person or group of persons, including their parents."

Authorities at the university have launched a criminal probe into the making of the video.

On Thursday, the four female university workers expressed their hurt at the video and said they had not been aware of what they were participating in, believing they were taking part in a competition.

"We feel pain," said Emma Koko, 40, who has been working for the university for 20 years and whose son attends classes there. "It's something we were not expecting. We regard them (the students) as our children."

The video depicts a mock initiation ceremony into a campus residence, with the middle-aged black cleaners portraying students. The workers seem to know and trust the students in the video, laughing as they try to eat the food while on their knees. But according to the video footage, one of the students urinated on the food beforehand, unknown to the cleaners.

Commentary on the video in Afrikaans included sarcastic reference to the university's policy of integrating the campus dorms — being phased in only this year, 14 years after the end of apartheid.

In the statement, the two students said that the four women workers were "loyal friends" and took part voluntarily in the making of the film and "as is evident clearly enjoyed it."

The students said the workers knew the film was being made, what its purpose was and that the "brew was not contaminated."

The statement went on to say that it was "suspected that the film was published with malicious intent at a time when it would — and apparently did — purport to serve the purpose of demonstrating racism on the campus."

The university, known for its science departments, is one of a handful of institutions set up for the Afrikaans elite across the country. They all have high academic standards but are seen as conservative and have struggled with racial integration since opening their doors to black students in the early 1990s. [They want to keep their standards, in other words.]

Black students make up 60 percent of the Free State university's 25,000-strong student body. Most of the support staff are black but over 80 percent of teaching staff are still white.

Students say racial tensions on the campus remain high and that the residence where the video was made has a particularly bad reputation.


South African University Erupts In Protest Over Racist Video

Two of the students behind video apologize in statement.

By Ashley Mastronardi

Students at a South African university staged protests this week after their campus was rocked by a video that depicted black university workers being tricked by white students into eating stew with urine in it.

The video — created in September 2007 by four white students in response to the University of the Free State's policy to integrate campus housing — sparked a rally on Wednesday in which approximately 600 black students marched on the university's management offices to deliver a memorandum demanding that officials expel the students in the video and ban them from attending all other universities in South Africa.

"I know that emotions are running very high," Free State Premier Beatrice Marshoff shouted into a megaphone to the crowd. "We are all very, very upset by what we have seen on those videos."

Although the university said in a statement the demonstration was a "peaceful protest," it did admit there were "sporadic instances of intimidation," property damage and five arrests.

Two of the white students behind the video apologized in a statement issued by their lawyer Thursday (the two other individuals involved in the video are no longer students at the university). The students, Roelof Malherbe and Schalk van der Merwe, said in the statement that they regretted making the film, which they said was intended as a "satirical slant" on the issue of racial integration at the university dormitories.

"If you see the video in context you'll see it's been ripped out of proportion," the lawyer, Nico Naude, told MTV News. Naude — who noted that the workers involved in the video were friends of the four men — said in the statement, "[Malherbe and Van der Merwe] claim they acted without any malicious intent, but apologize for any embarrassment they may, unintentionally, have caused." The two are "not racists and, most certainly, had no intention of humiliating or degrading the employees concerned or black people in general or of detrimentally affecting their dignity," the statement continued.

Tensions have simmered down on campus since Wednesday while students await a response from the university. If the response is not favorable another rally will take place, student and protest organizer Lonwabo MacFarlane, 20, told MTV News. "We felt humiliated," he said. "Those ladies in that video could've been our grandmothers, or our mothers for that matter."

The women in the video are also speaking out. "We feel pain," 40-year-old Emma Koko told the crowd at a press conference on Thursday, according to the AP. "It's something we were not expecting. We regard [the students] as our children."

In the video, the workers seem comfortable in the company of the students and are in high spirits throughout the "competition." A blond male, speaking in Afrikaans, even refers to the activities as "Reitz Fear Factor." Reitz is the name of the men's residence hall where two of the students lived.

The video opens in a dorm-room-type setting where one of the students appears to urinate into a beef stew mixture and puts it into a microwave. (The students said in the statement that a "harmless" liquid was used.) Later in the clip, three female residence workers and one male worker are seen on their knees drinking the stew from plastic cups, and then vomiting into buckets. The prize is a bottle of whiskey which one of the women gladly accepts as her friends cheer her on. The video ends with the words (in Afrikaans), "This is what integration looks like," superimposed against an image of one of the black women doing dishes.

The university "has condemned the video and gross violation of human rights that it portrays," Vice-Chancellor Frederick Fourie said in a press release. Classes were also canceled Wednesday "in a proactive step to allow the emotions of staff and students to calm down," he added.

According to the statement, the university also plans to press criminal charges against Malherbe, van der Merwe and former students Danie Grobler and Johnny Roberts. Malherbe and Van der Merwe will also be suspended.

Although apartheid in South Africa officially ended in 1994, Vice-Chancellor Fourie admitted that "the university is going through a difficult time with its efforts to racially integrate its residences and to create a new residence culture based on diversity, respect, human dignity and human rights."

The South African Human Rights Commission also issued a statement claiming the University has a "whites only" history. It also makes note of discriminatory events that have taken place at the school, such as a racist advertisement that was once posted on the school's Web site and a claim that new students are forced to visit all churches, regardless of their faith.

The University of the Free State is located in the city of Bloemfontein and is regarded as a bastion for Afrikaners, descendants of Dutch settlers who are often most closely linked with apartheid rule, according to AP.

On Friday (February 29), the South African magazine Drum reported that one of its black journalists covering the video story had been assaulted in what was apparently a racial attack at a restaurant in Bloemfontein. His attacker was a "burly white man" who followed him to the bathroom, where he assaulted him using racial slurs, the magazine reported in a statement.

Protest organizer Macfarlane said that although a majority of the students at the university are black, the racial climate at the school is "Afrikanerdom."

"We want no dominance of one culture over another," he said. "We just want equality."


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (CNN) -- Two more white students who were seen in a video allegedly mocking black housekeepers and serving them stew seemingly laced with urine apologized Friday, according to their lawyer.

Two other former students apologized late Thursday.

The University of Free State identified the last two students, who are no longer at the school, as Danie Grobler and Johnny Roberts.

In a brief statement released by attorney Nico Naude, Grobler and Roberts said they concurred with the apology made Thursday by Roelof Malherbe and Schalk van der Merwe.

There was no other information released Friday by Grobler and Roberts.

Naude represents all four men responsible for the video.

The video sparked an uproar on the campus and among human rights groups in South Africa.

On Thursday, Malherbe and van der Merwe denied they are racists and "most certainly had no intention of humiliating or degrading the employees concerned or black people in general or of detrimentally affecting their dignity."

In their statement, they said they had acted without malicious intent when they participated in the making of the video. They apologized "for any embarrassment which they may unintentionally have caused to any person or group of persons including parents," the statement said.

The video, which surfaced Tuesday, showed four white students putting five black female housekeepers at their university dormitory in Bloemfontein, South Africa through a series of "competitions" in the style of the program "Fear Factor."

One of the scenes shows the women drinking stew that in a previous scene appeared to have been laced with urine.

Naude told CNN the students did not urinate in the food served to the housekeepers, but the video was edited to make it appear they had done so.

The women were also informed that the food was not contaminated, the students said.

The men said the video, which was taped in September, was a "satirical slant on a topic which was then prevalent and controversial." Video Watch tension between black and white students »

They also asserted that the employees who participated in the video did so voluntarily, "knew the purpose for which it was made" and "as is evident ... clearly enjoyed it."

At the end, one of the students awards a large bottle of whiskey to one of the women, telling her she has won the "Fear Factor."

Then a message appears on the screen in Afrikaans saying, "That, at the end of the day, is what we think of integration."

Naude said the video that surfaced Tuesday is actually made up of the out-takes of a montage that won a contest at the dorm last year.

An attorney representing the employees shown in the video told reporters Thursday his clients were tricked into participating. He also told CNN that the cleaning staff is pursuing a civil and criminal case not only against the four but also against the university.

Malherbe and Van der Merwe said they had no intention of humiliating the black employees and were in fact friends with the employees until the video became public, their statement said.

The university denounced the video as a gross violation of human dignity and said Thursday it has officially reported the matter to the director of public prosecution, a statement on its Web site said.

The video, which a university statement said showed "black employees ... having to undergo a mock integration ceremony," was a reaction to the university's efforts to integrate its residences, school officials said. Eighteen years after the official end of apartheid, they were still separated into white and black dormitories.

[an earlier AP article]

Apartheid Dead, but Racism Endures

By MICHELLE FAUL – 1 day ago

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) — It was shocking even for South Africa, the country that gave the world the word apartheid. [Not as shocking at the black-on-White farm murders. But of course the AP doesn't report those.] Four young white men laughed as they duped five middle-aged black cleaners into eating what looked like dog food supposedly fouled by urine.

To many, the video that was splashed around the world suggests that 13 years after apartheid formally ended, racism is rampant and the nation isn't paying enough attention. [AP editorializes, attributing its editorial position to "many" or "some." This is a standard pattern for framing stories, a template.]

When Culture Minister Pallo Jordan, a black, protested on a radio talk show that the incident was isolated, people called in to contradict him. [Blacks presented as being reasonable, moderate, calming influences. Just as they are depicted, falsely, in television advertising, blacks are falsely portrayed, to their advantage, in print.]

According to many discussions in the media and Associated Press interviews with a half-dozen analysts and human rights workers, there's a creeping increase in racist incidents.

"It's getting worse because it's becoming more overt. This is not isolated; we have really appalling and degrading incidents," says Theresa Oakley-Smith, who for 15 years has run a human resource development company that offers diversity workshops.

With its strong economy and democratic structures [not any longer. Those were artifacts of the White population, which has either fled or is, thanks to discrimination, unable to carry on civilization. Blacks haven't the brains to sustain it.], South Africa is the African nation with the most potential to bring about change on a beleaguered continent. Yet where racism is concerned, Oakley-Smith said, nothing has changed in the 10 years since she took part in an investigation at a school resisting integration. [If Whites are racist, and racism is bad, why do blacks want to mix with Whites rather than separate?]

There, white pupils, parents and teachers, including senior staff, disguised their faces with camouflage paint, went into a classroom of blacks and "beat the children up horrifically," she recalled.

"Nothing was done. The senior guy involved in the attack wasn't fired, he may still be teaching there for all I know," says Oakley-Smith, who is white.

Jody Kollapen, head of the government Human Rights Commission, says: "We haven't come to terms with dealing with the past and with racism."

When Nelson Mandela walked out of the prison where he was held for 27 years, he forgave his captors and urged fellow blacks to be equally magnanimous in reconciling with whites who held power through terror tactics. [He also sang "Kill the Boers," but AP won't report this.]

Reconciliation in the new "rainbow nation" meant forgiving whites, but the needed transformation of society was resisted by the whites who had benefited from apartheid, says Kollapen, an Asian.

Whites got off too lightly, Oakley-Smith agrees.

South Africans tend to avoid discussing racism, callers to talk shows agree, and few victims, including the abused cleaners at the University of the Free State, ever complain.

Both Oakley-Smith and Kollapen called for a collective apology from whites similar to that made in February by the Australian government to Aborigines.

"Collectively, the very least white South Africans can do is to apologize, not just for this sick act but for the centuries of abuse that we have inflicted on black people in this country," white opposition legislator Lance Greyling, said in a statement.

[Apologize for building civilization where there was none? The AP reports as thought this civilization were existing when Whites arrived in Africa, and they greedily took it away from blacks. Not so. They built it entirely themselves.]

Under apartheid, black education was purposely substandard and certain skilled jobs, notably in big corporations such as the railroad, were reserved for whites. Now white South Africans complain about government affirmative action programs that work against them.

Yet despite these programs and a booming economy, more blacks are out of work than under white rule.

Government statistics show that 10 percent of black households are in the top income bracket compared with 65 percent of white households. Blacks are 85 percent of the 48 million population.

President Thabo Mbeki hoped business friendly policies would create a trickle-down effect, but they didn't, and many blacks criticize Mbeki for leaving the reins of the economy in white hands.

In 2004, in its most recent available figures, the Department of Trade and Industry said black ownership of businesses had gone from zero to 10 percent and blacks occupied 15 percent of skilled positions.

Whites-only suburbs and restaurants have been desegregated, but few blacks can afford their prices. Most still live in black townships and work for whites as laborers, farm hands or domestic workers.

Oakley-Smith says she can list scores of racist incidents — segregated toilets in big companies, rude and racist remarks by white supervisors in the mines, whites posting pictures of monkeys under the names of black supervisors.

"I think it has a devastating effect — the negative impact on business, on productivity, that racism causes if people can't talk to each other and don't respect each other," she says.

Oakley-Smith cites two incidents she believes demonstrate a double standard in racial sensitivity: The barring of whites from a meeting of a black journalists' group, and an 18-year-old white man's shooting spree in a black squatter camp that killed four people including a mother and the baby on her back.

The barring of the whites provoked greater outcry than the shooting, she said.

The offending video, made by students protesting plans to integrate residences at a college notorious for resisting integration, is being blown out of proportion, says Lawrence Schlemmer, vice president of the conservative Institute for Race Relations. He says the young men involved might be "infantile, juvenile punks," but aren't racist.

Schlemmer, who is white and grew up with institutionalized discrimination against blacks, says the students probably were "traumatized" about integrating their dorms, and questions whether integrated dorms are appropriate in a country with South Africa's diversity.

Still, black analyst Aubrey Matshiqi of the Center for Policy Studies remains positive. Racial incidents are increasing, he said, but "the number of South Africans willing to work for a rainbow nation is also on the increase."

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[Guardian reader reaction]

What's scary is that the 'boerewors type' you refer to was the mainstay of the Afrikaner apartheid regime - robust, macho soldiers all - ready and willing to take a shot at the darkies.

Since apartheid's demise many of these strapping boys have found meaning - and dollars - as sought-after Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq. Ironic - the USA denounced racist whites and called for apartheid's end. Now the US gratefully employs the best racist military grunts SA has to offer for its privatised armies waging highly dubious wars in Iraq.

Islamophobic hazing with their American brothers-in- arms, a la Abu Ghraib - pissing on Korans, etcetera - will come easy to the particular (minority) sector of South African males to which you refer.


To me it is interesting, the no one wants to view the issue from the perspective of white South Africans. The ANC were communists since 1927. We didn't want their style of government. Since 1994, we have said: speed up service delivery, privatize businesses, even use lower or no taxes to uplift the poor black people, as well as Afirmative Action if absolutely needed, but give SA a free economy. The ANC have done precisely what their socialist ideologies have promised: Mandela promised jobs, jobs, jobs, homes, homes, homes in his 1994 election campaign. It is this realisation that is now starting to dawn on black people: that there never was an easy free ride available on the white people anyway. Although the economy is growing at 5%, the current quiet diplomacy towards Zimbabwe has seen Zimbabwe reduced to ruin on the border of economic collapse with 80% unemployment and in SA a ten fold increase in crime, education is falling despite having the highest subsidies in the world per person, the infrastructure is crumbling and unemployment has doubled, from 18% to 35% remarkably, given that international sanctions has given way to international investment. Recently nuclear waste and sewage contaminated the drinking water of certain residents, a problem arising from a shortage of electricity ( gov didn't even realise that the electricity supply was running out ). Now this racist video where people might have swalled piss is CNN headline news, yet the SA government's poor service delivery, to even provide a clean water supply to its citizens is absolutely ignored by the media, that shows the clearly racially biased views and reporting about SA.


In a country where 25,000 people are murdered each year it seems absurd that the actions of some idiotic and nasty students has grabbed the headlines in this way.


Western media organisations are racist themselves because they hold whites to higher behavioural standards than blacks although they'd never admit it. When white-on-black racism occurs as in this case it's on every front page whereas when black-on-black or black-on-white incidents of racism occur it's reported in a much lower profile if not at all.


Some of the most deeply unpleasant, racist and worthless people I ever met in SA were ex-pat Brits, Portguese and Greeks. (Which were probably the largest ex-pat groups in SA). They didn't even have the excuse of having been indoctrinated or brought up to believe in Apartheid. They were merely sad, pathetic losers who loved Apartheid because it gave them the chance to lord it over people that they would never had anywhere else.


Most racism in SA is a recognition of the profound gulf which seperates the cultural mindsets of the black and white communities. This gulf is best typified by post-1994 legislation which accords suburban dwellers the right to slaughter animals including cattle, in their suburbabn backyards in the event of traditional wedding and other black cultural celebrations. The white middle class suburban dweller, waking to the terrified and prolonged bellowing of a bull being inexpertly and very brutally slaughtered in his black neighbour's back yard, trying vainly to shield such sights and sounds from his small children, concludes that these people are very different indeed, and the recognition of this difference constitutes "racism".


From my understanding, having spent time in SA, this small university (where the incident occurred) sits in rural hicksville - an historic 'heart of apartheid' area. The big universities - Durban-Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, JHB, etc - are largely 'integrated' in the academic and residential sense


Not true: The housing, schooling and health sectors are all government controlled. Government has a huge backlog of millions of houses that need to be built.

The health sector, is collapsing. The use of price controls, that the Soviet Union abandoned decades ago is in use.

South Africa is spending the highest % of its GDP on education in the developing world

yet the % of students dropping out of school and not finishing their education, has increased, while the % that can go onto to study a university course that require science and mathematics have decreased.

The situation, is not that there is too little capitalism and that it needs a 'good dose of socialism'.

It is precisely the opposite in Africa. African governments, such as the SA government, does not have centuries of experience in running the country, like their European counterparts. In one province alone, the mismanagement and corruption and is so high, that 88% of the budget is unaccounted for.

The decision making body of the ANC, the National Executive council is almost 90% black with many / all socialists.

The ANC is unwilling to give more power, representation and administration to their white counterparts and entire government white departments have been replaced with black departments, that do not have the experience and technical prowess that their white colleagues had.

The poor people in the townships are so frustrated with service delivery, that they have now voted a weaker administrative faction of the ANC into government. The idea is to swell government even further to get more out of service delivery. But the solution is precisely the opposite to SA and Africa's problems: to reduce the public sector and to increase the size of the private sector participation.


The following email is typical of those circulated freely among white ex-"supremacists" in South Africa. It is hateful and pathetic in tone; certainly written by a "dumb white kid" mourning the loss of that era which so many hang on to as a better past. SHAME ON THEM.

Creed of the white kid

We are sorry that our ancestors were intelligent, advanced and daring
enough to explore the wild oceans to discover new countries and to
conquer and develop these.

We are sorry that those who came before us took you out of the bush and
taught you that there was more to life than beating drums and chasing
animals with sticks and stones.

We are sorry that they planned, funded and developed roads, towns,
mines, factories, airports, all of which you now claim to be your long deprived
inheritance so you have full right to change and rename these at your

We are sorry that our parents taught us the value of small but strong
families, to not breed like rabbits and end up as underfed, illiterate
shack dwellers living in poverty.

We are sorry that when they provided you with schools, you decided it
looked better without windows or in piles of ashes. We happily gave up
those bad days of getting spanked in our all white schools for doing
something wrong, and much prefer these days of freedom where problems
can be resolved with knives and guns.

We are sorry that it is hard to shake off the bitterness of the past
when you keep on raping, torturing and killing our friends and family
members, and then hide behind the fence of "human rights" with smiles on
your faces.

We are sorry that we do not trust the government. We have no reason to
be so suspicious and short sighted seeing that there has never been a
case where any of these poor hard working intellectuals were involved in
any form of corruption or irregularities.

We are sorry that we do not trust the police force and although they
have openly admitted that they have lost the war against crime and
criminals, we should not be so negative and just keep on hoping for the

We are sorry that we basically flung open our border posts, and now left
you competing for jobs against illegal immigrants from our beautiful
neighbouring countries. All these countries that have grown so strong
after kicking out the "settlers", you should follow their excellent
example and grow big and strong like them!

We are sorry that we don't believe in witchcraft, beetroot and garlic,
urinating on street corners or trading woman for cattle, maybe we just
grew up differently. So sorry that when we are forced into sharing the
same establishments, sometimes we loose our temper, that is totally
uncalled for.

We are sorry that your medical care, water supplies, roads, and your
electrical supplies are going down the toilet because skilled people who
could have planned and resolved these issues had to be turned away
because they were of the wrong ethnic background and now have to work in
foreign countries where their skills are more needed.

We are so sorry and should really try harder to be more tolerant and
learn to get along with EVERYBODY around us, one big happy family.

The Dumb White Kid

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[Chinese after ivory in SA, just as they're after gold and platinum in Zimbabwe]

China, one of the world's largest traders in illegal ivory, is vying to buy up South Africa's massive elephant ivory stock which has built up over several years as the result of a worldwide ban.

But conservation authorities must first decide whether China is a suitable destination for the ivory, the national Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism said this week.

Last June, South Africa received permission from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (Cites) for a one-off sale of its ivory - around 40 tons from the Kruger National Park alone - to Japan.
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Feb. 29: France's Nicolas Sarkozy [jew] and new wife Carla Bruni pose with South Africa's Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel in Johannesburg.

French engineering company Alstom on Friday signed a deal worth about $2 billion to equip a new coal power station for South Africa, as Sarkozy vowed to help South Africa overcome its acute electricity shortage.

A team of French engineers will arrive next week to advise the government and state utility Eskom on possible solutions to the electricity shortage, which has seriously disrupted the vital mining sector, he said.,2933,333948,00.html
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The Washington Post covered the power shortage with a delightful piece on the reversal of roles between Sandton and Alexandra since the end of apartheid: the latter now received power when the former was blacked out.

I've yet to see anything by an American correspondent even faintly approximating Fred Bridgland's dispatches from hell in Glasgow's Sunday Herald [above in this thread]. Before recanting, Bridgland used to believe Unita's Jonas Savimbi would save Africa. Now he writes about SA as if it were a cross between Conrad's Heart of Darkness and the ninth circle of Dante's Inferno.

US television screens have yet, as far as I am aware, to be graced by anything along the lines of No More Mandelas , the BBC Panorama segment in which correspondent Fergal Keane confesses, with a certain theatrical sorrow, that his high hopes for SA have been dashed. The temptation to skewer ANC president Jacob Zuma as a sort of sub-Saharan Tonton Macoute, to which Keane succumbed, has thus far been avoided on this side of the Atlantic.
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[BBC documentary "No More Mandelas" that is apparently the first major statement in the jewed press that South Africa is bound for Zimbabwe-style hell under nigger rule. Not that they'll put it that baldly, of course. ]

Part one
Part two
Part three


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