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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Vocabulary


Ama-Bulu - nigger term for Whites

ex. Their Pledge states at one point: Kill the Ama-Bulu (Whites). Kill the whites!.

inbongi - one who sings praise

ex. Rapport, edited by the spineless Judas goat Tim Du Plessis, recently employed the foul-mouthed, bird-brained Deon Maas largely because of Maas’s reputation as an ANC regime “inbongi” (praise singer).

makwerekwere - SA jig term for non-SA blacks, such as Nigerians

ex. To the black South African, makwerekwere refers to black immigrants from the rest of Africa, especially Nigerians.

Mlungu - white scum (Xhosa)

ex. I grew up with the isiXhosa, that called me Mlungu (white scum that came over the sea) from the moment that I start understanding their language.


BEE - Bantu-educated engineer? Derisive credential granted negros promoted under affirmative action policies in the New South Africa

ESSA - English-Speaking South African

ex. I am sure Catto is not a reflection of how the majority of White ESSA’s (English Speaking South Africans) are. Most ESSA’s I know would gladly side with the Afrikaners.

JSM - Jong Swart Mans - Afrikaans for young black men

ex. Roodt, who had the testicular fortitude to coin the acronym “JSM” (Jong Swart Mans) or YBM (Young Black Men) as the main & virtually exclusive perpetrators of violent anti-White hate crimes, was quickly relieved of his duties when Timid Timmy received a threatening call from a cabal of affirmative action bushies & flatnoses serving on the Naspers board.

kaffir - more or less like nigger

K4 - another way of saying 'Kaffir'

ex. I wasnīt sure what he was on about until we walked into the room and I saw that it was overflowing with K4īs.

spiesgooiers - Dutch for kaffir (guess)

Soutpiel - disparaging Afrikaans term for English

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