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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
This reminds me of the following meme which uses a quote from Obi-Wan to explain that Arabs couldn’t have pulled off the 911 attacks (which were most likely carried out by the jews and their lackeys):

Yeah, because the NWO brought down these towers. 9/11 was the biggest mockery of a " terror " attack since Hitler Burned down the Reichstag. Anyone that believes Muslims hi-jacked all of those planes and flew planes into building built to withstand plane hits, or somehow flew a gravity/physics defying 757-223 with smoke trails perpendicular then flat 5 -15 feet off the ground with the engines miraculously not digging into the dirt of the pentagon are idiots.
Lets not forget that the Lawn on the Pentagon rises up at a 20 degree angle the Closer you get to the walls, and that it had construction wires in front of it

People Believe this is a 757 plane impact.

And for anyone that doesn't believe me about the construction Wires, they are seen in the direct path of the 757-233 in the photo.

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