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Old April 3rd, 2019 #1
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Smile Post a random fact about your area . . .

. . what I mean with this thread is . . how is your area perceived in your country ? ( there are stereotypes being associated with any country of our race and then , again ,with certain areas within these countries per se . .) . . You might also recite how many foreigners live there and so on . .

- - -

I am Northern German . . I view myself as such and identify with this . .

The German peoples are not a unitarian people . .

Germany , from its beginning , has been a collecting-place of different Germanic peoples ( hence , in the English-speaking world , the name 'Germany' ) . . They were all unified under the Franks in ancient times ( Charlemagne ) . . After the great migration of the Germanic tribes in ancient times different Germanic peoples / tribes lived all across Europe . . .

They were all gotten together into one empire under Charlemagne ( at least many of them ) . .

That's how Germany came to pass ..

Needless to say ,the differing mentalities within Germany to this day still largely stem from the difference between those tribes and their languages . . Even though all Germanic languages of old were related to each other , there were clear differences . . Also between Nordic Germanic tribes and Alpine Germanic tribes..

That's why we have so many dialects in Germany today , often very different from each other . .

- - -

My area ( Northern Germany ) . .

We are often called 'Northern lights' or 'fish-heads' within Germany ( in translation ) since the northern part of Germany is the only one with acess to the sea . .


Furthermore . . Northern Germany is largely the place within Germany where people are said to not really have a dialect per se . . . ( Little explanation : Standard German as it is known today was standardized by the Protestant reformer Martin Luther . . The Northern Germans were among the first to 'take over' "Luther's German" , in the beginning only the upper-class there , in time it became more or less the standard for all of Northern Germany . .) . . The original dialect spoken in the northern German region is today called 'Plattdeutsch' , based on old Saxon .. The best German is said to be spoken in Hannover , Lower Saxony today . .

( I was born in Lower Saxony , even lived in Hannover for some time . .)

Furthermore , northern Germany is perceived to have a very kind mentality among 'people from beyond' ( it is one of the most popular travel-regions within Germany . .)

Concerning Bremen , my home town , a trait of character which is associated with the hanseatic peoples in general is that they are helpful . .

I suppose without these often held up things Northern Germany would be even poorer than it is presently ( the south is relatively rich in Germany , the north . . not so much . .) . . We get a lot of tourists.

- - -

Concerning foreigners . . Northern Germany is not that bad hit with other races ( some cities though ) ,more of them in the south ( where all the money is . .) . .

- - -

That's it for me . . how 'bout your respective areas . .?

P.S.: The melody for this song was taken from 'The Wild Rover'


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