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Old December 16th, 2014 #41
Frank Toliver
Formerly Cowboy Zeke
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Frank Toliver

Liberalism is based in arrogance, usually of the intellectual sort. They are proud to be more cutting edge and trendy than everyone else. They also love their 'depth of knowledge' in obscure subjects and using it in shaming others.

Arrogance is the basis for liberalism, being better than the stupid 'normal' people, and it is usually accompanied by having a life where you are not held accountable for anything. For many liberals they change once they are on their own and the bills come in. For others it never changes as they blame someone else for not seeing how special they are.

This arrogance comes from being spoiled either because of family wealth (Trustafarians), beauty, or parental or social doting. As you said previously men are liberal mainly for three reasons; they are weak people, they are hedonists or they think they can get pussy runoff from being a liberal.

Women because of their vagina and all the benefits conferred thusly are inherently liberal because they don't want anyone to spoil their fun, and by virtue of being a female, very few have to really work or dig deep into arguments. This is Lauperism.

Liberals are weak but they are cruel, opportunistic and schemers. They represent the bad female aspects, and are natural allies to jews who are also cowards and underhanded backstabbers. They use the joys of hedonism to bring in new recruits and entice others. Least common denominator stuff. In fact they have to reduce the world to baseness to have control, and to enjoy their hedonism. After the deluge is their call, they care for nothing beyond themselves.
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

Fuck you hippie, you are the system.

Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.
Old May 9th, 2015 #42
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[jewleftist mania for loxism or equality pushes them to destroy standards and families as a way to prevent whites from eclipsing muds. of course the NR neocon writer omits the jew part]

Inching Toward Harrison Bergeron


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