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Bread and Circuses
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Default Liberalism: Mindset is communist brain disease

There is a brain-eating disease plaguing America that not many see or recognize. So many are already afflicted with the disease that you’re actually in the “in” crowd. This brain disease is more deadly and restrictive to the freedom of man than anything ISIS and Al Qaeda could ever be. When afflicted, the first signs of the disease are that you become anti: anti-logging, anti-development, anti-mining, anti-growth, etc. All the things that make an economy grow and prosper, you become against.

Secondary symptoms show total ignorance and lack of common sense. You create a system where prisoners and illegal immigrants have better health care than the working-class citizens do. In the diseased mind, you can shut down all industry and create an economy based in tourism and service and think you've somehow accomplished something. So blind and dumb you become that you believe passing a massive new carbon tax on corporations (after all, corporations are evil) will somehow make them pay their fair share. Newsflash: corporations don’t pay taxes; consumers do in the form of higher prices.

The brain disease of liberalism is actually the slow creep of communism. So distorted is the liberal diseased mind that you can close a light bulb factory in America (where we have environmental laws) and move it to China (where there are no standards) and somehow think you've done your part in saving the planet.

In the final stages of the diseased mind, the liberal sees himself as Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor. So brain-dead, even a basic tale cannot be deciphered. Robin Hood didn't take from the rich; he took from the government and gave it back to the workers where it belongs.

PARANOIA: Just liberal hypocrisy


It always strikes me as odd at how those who throw around loose terms such as political paranoia and fear mongering against those who oppose their own causes in politics sleep well at night. Such is the hypocrisy of liberalism; those who would interfere with their view of what they think is good for the masses, in this case for America, are either fanatical, paranoid or helplessly living in the dark ages. Their campaign to generate fear and paranoia of this type of person is justified however, under the pretext that “We know better than you” (liberal) mentality. The present presidential administration are experts at this tactic.

He (Jeff) states that the notion of political fear mongering is not new. The notion, “dictatorship by the majority” used by Hitler and is not new either. John Paul Goebbels, Hitler’s speech writer, states that the masses receptive ability is very limited, their understanding is small, but their forgetfulness is great. The masses are not in a position to determine right from wrong. They need the guidance and daily repetition of labeling those as fear mongers, who would oppose bills such as S1067. Today our society has been conditioned to accept same sex unions and abortion as legitimate, however it took years of repeating the accusations of hate mongers and anti-choice about those who opposed such matters. Nothing in politics or religion happens by accident.

Mr. Selle labels extreme right wingers (I’m not quite sure what that label means exactly) as angry people. All those who oppose progress to the new world order are not fit to legislate. What better way to propagate falsehoods than by the use of “Ad hominem” to support one’s position. Rather than to intelligently expose oppositional positions, Mr. Selle repeats the tactics of Richard Hofstadter of labeling good, conscientious lawmakers and citizens as suspicious, conspirators and heated exaggerators. To my knowledge, we as citizens have not had an opportunity to view the legislation that would involve Idaho in international law yet Mr. Selle labels those who would oppose such legislation as angry, uncompassionate people who care nothing about the plight of fatherless children. This is pure emotional incitement to take action against paranoid and fear mongering enclaves in Idaho. An accusation Mr. Selle so nonchalantly throws at the enclaves themselves.

The great World War II general George Patton once stated, “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” Perhaps we now need to reflect on these words and keep alive debates that either promote reinforcement of the good or reversal of evil. Mr. Selle encourages hate and fear of such courageous lawmakers who oppose federal mandates and a heavy hand. Because 19 states have accepted compromise, he fears Idaho will now inhibit (and rightly so) the passing of legislation which would put international law over U.S. law. He makes no case as to how exactly the failing of this legislation would dismantle Idaho’s entire child support collection system (talk about heated exaggeration). Since we, the public, and he, Mr. Selle, are not privy to this information, perhaps he is trying to instill paranoia and fear in all those who would not agree with his stance.
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.


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