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Unhappy A good friend recently turned on me

- - - - - - -
I suppose this is how the late Julius must have felt back then.

To make the story short . .

I didn't want to give too much details about my private life here , yet. .

I am the second in charge of a well , let's say , "National Socialist resitance cell" where I live . . . . . .

I spent the last half hour on the phone with a "friend".

The two of us were probably the closest associates of the business leader of that cell ( who manages all the script stuff )

Guess what ? He blatantly told me that he was about to throw in the towel . .

He used to be a full-blown Communist in his younger days and said that he would strive to pursuit that direction once more . .

I asked "Why ? Why ? ?"

He said that in face of the difficult financial times we live in currently ( inflation , €uro instability . .) he would strive to pursuit his old ways again.

He even went so far as to call our organisation "chauvinist" , as a response to which I angrily slammed the earphone down. .

Wow . . .

He was a close associate of mine for about 11 years.

What to make of this?

Listen , I know that Communism and National Socialism have similarities ( I'm everything but a rookie in the movement . ) , yet , this ?

To me the guy is dead .

And then I recently felt so happy after keeping my job against all odds . . .

Problems . .

Let's see how we can continue . .

I suppose it might be a slap in the face of our bussines leader as well ( I'll telephone him as soon as I'm ready here . . )

Beef , nothing but beef.

Thought of sharing the story here.

Let me close by saying that I have absolutely nothing against folkish socialists , yet internationaists ?

Socialism could work if you give it a folkish painting , yet of course the NWO always plays on internationalism.

Capitalist or "Communist".

I suppose many people may have the right idea when it comes to corruption in our state , yet the NWO baits them with internationalist ideas . . .

Divide et impera . .

( sry if the pic is a bit self-ironic )

I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for betrayers and backstabbers . . .

I might add that on top of knowing how the late Gaius must have felt ( see above ) I also know what it means when someone has misused your trust . . . .

Makes me think of how when Hogan betrayed the Wrestling world.


Now excuse me . . Need some time for myself .

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