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Default Nigger Felony League vs. Nigger Baboon Association

The interleague bigga nigga fight.
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Nockda Redout
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Nockda Redout

The average adult nigger is on the same intellectual level as a 12 year old from any other race.
That is why they dominate sports.
Like children, they excell at play time.
Their diminutive intellect also explains rap noise.
Have you seen the latest Oreo cookie commercial with the rapping nigger?

"I got a secret the world should know,..let's stay playfull,..Oreo!"

This is the poetry of a dim wit who has a swelled head from all the praise he receives from White liberals eager to prove they aren't racist.
How about a little truth instead?
I got a secret the world should know,..the cream stuffing in Oreo cookies is lard (pig fat) and confectioners sugar.
Oreo cookies give you diabetes, heart disease and cause obesity.

The six most popular professions for Niggers.
1.Ball player.
2.Rap nigger.
3 Token Nigger on T.V. and movies.
5.Prison resident.
6.Welfare leach.
"Oh shit,..look at the cock roaches."
From a famous wet back folk tale.

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Typical nigger behaviour.
卐 White ⊕ Power 卐
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I haven't watched a single NFL or NBA game this year. I don't feel I am missing anything. The last time I watched the NBA was when Dirk Nowitzki lead the Mavs to the finals in 2011.
"To Undo a Jew is charity and not a sin."
-Christopher Marlowe


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