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Exclamation Violence against Women Day 2016

Today is violence against women day. Watching a news program now about it and it's message is all about men needing to stop domestic violence. It doesnt talk about the fact that women also perpetuate domestic violence. And it doesn't recognise the fact there is no such thing as 'domestic violence' or 'violence against women' there is just violence.

I came to WN via MRA. It was all the anti-White male that Jedeo Communism Feminism was espousing that woke me up to the role of Jewish intellectuals in reshaping our society to make it more amenable to Jewish survival.

The main message the story is giving me is all about how DV associations such as White Ribbon want more government funding. They are so unabashed and open about this, they actually demand it out in the open and include it in the story. Yet they don't see that we can see right through them, that there whole movement is a subversive Judeo Comunism ploy for even more government in our lives.

It was realizing this unnatural pitting of men against women, and the role of Jews in Feminism, that woke me up to their media manipulation and reshaping of our society via a monopoly on our economy, politics and media.

It's so obvious to anyone watching these White Ribbon walks that this is Judeo Communism in action.


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