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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Happy Semitic Sex Holiday Tomorrow! :)

Happy 'Ishtar':
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier
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Bunny rabbits and hares were of course the symbol of the Northern European Pagan goddess around which Eostre is celebrated. Legend holds that Ostara had a pet bird that she saved from the snow. Because his wings had been damaged in the snow,he couldn't fly and so she turned him into a snow hare, but on one day of the year, in recognition of his former life, he had the ability to lay many multicoloured eggs.

The Christians, of course, saw this as promiscuity and so they stole the hare symbolism and depicted it at Mary's feet to symbolise triumph over lust. They kept the egg tradition, though.

In fact they used the egg hunts, implemented during the Burning Times, as they were called, to hunt out the "heathens". They followed the children hunting for the eggs and then declared the owner of the land they were found on to be a heathen.

It was an easy transition (mostly) from that to christianity, although early christian leaders did try their damnedest to stop the pagan baking of cakes for the feast. Of course this was unsuccessful so they gave up, blessed the cakes and pretended they had invented them.

I often wonder if people who believe that this is the time that jesus recovered ever consider why Easter is never on the same date each year. Do they even realise the timing is governed by the moon not by an actual date?


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