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Old September 3rd, 2019 #1
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Default Fidel Castro

. . what does everybody think about this figurehead of Communism ?

Some facts . . Che Guevara ( you know , the guy many youth today have on their t-shirts ( ) ) was one of his fight-companions of the first hour , in his later life he became the man on whom the most assassination-attempts during his lifetime were made and he was once quoted having said : "The world will / would be a better place if a black man is president of America and when a Latin-American is Pope" . .

Hmmm . .

. . ?

. . that's why ,until today, some people go so far as to claim him some 'prophetic talent' . .

Well . . this prophet of Marxism lives no more . . Rest in peace , lol . .

His brother Raul is on the steering wheel 'down there' right now . .

- - -

It might also be interesting to imagine alternate timelines . . if an assassination-attempt had actually succeeded.

Or if Cuba had never fallen under his reign. .

Or if he had been wiped away by an armed uprising.

On a side note . . how 'bout simply deporting all Communists of the world to Cuba ?

How 'bout it?

After all, one of your biggest role-models , Che Guevara,was also active there ! !

lol . .

Down with US-imperialism ! !

Long live the Republic Of Cuba ! ! !

lol . .

- - -

On a side note . . enough to smoke and booze for the Commies there too . .

Lovely Cuban Rum , lovely Cuban cigars

. . ain't that every Communist's dream ? ?

- - - -

You opinions . . ?

Viva la revolución , hasta la victoria siempre ! !

lol . .

Old September 3rd, 2019 #2
Mike in Denver
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Mike in Denver

On the subject of Fidel Castro, no one really knows it all, but we do know a few things.

Castro was a leftist and he personally leaned toward The Soviet Union. However, he was bright enough and pragmatic enough that he wanted to have normal, good relations with the US. He was idolized by young Americans after the Cuban revolution, and he would have done just about anything to keep good bonds with the US.

It wasn't Castro who fled toward Communism, and it wasn't Russia that seduced him to Russia. It was US corporations who were used to going to Batista's island casino and whore house. They were furious that they no longer had a place to go fuck underage girls (and boys.) It was also a great place to hide huge stores of loose money.

Ordinary Americans considered Castro a hero. There was a Fidel Castro fan-club in my junior high school in Texas. I had a young aunt who had a crush on him. Castro had no intention of turning away from the US. It was the whore-mongering, child-fucking, military industrial, and corporate trash that insisted on insulting and threatening Castro and driving him toward the Soviet Union.

Che Guevara, was a creep and an attention whore. When he first heard of
violent stirrings in Cuba, he was a little troll in San Francisco drinking in clubs and wearing epensive sun glasses. It's said that Castro got very tired of Guevara and when he sent him to Africa was actually hoping that he would be killed.

Hunter S. Thompson, "Big dark, coming soon"
Old September 3rd, 2019 #3
Nikola Bijeliti
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Nikola Bijeliti

Castro and Batista were both terrible. Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin.
All these ideas…are chained to the existence of men, to who[m]…they owe their existence. Precisely in this case the preservation of these definite races and men is the precondition for the existence of these ideas. --Adolf Hitler


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