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Old November 2nd, 2019 #1
Jerry Abbott
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Jerry Abbott
Default Is Janelle Wellons really as competent as the press is trying to make her seem?

I need someone with background checking skills greater than my own to investigate someone named Janelle Wellons. She works as an engineer for JPL, operating the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's temperature sensing instrument. She's a young black female who attended MIT.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is puffing her mightily. See:

Now, there is a chance that Wellons deserves the praise she's getting. But the weight of experience suggests that it isn't the way to bet. We all remember the inflated promotions of allegedly brainy blacks in the past, who sometimes turned out to be reasonably smart and/or accomplished, especially for a black person, but nowhere near as much so as he/she would have to be to get similar praise if he/she were white.

JPL is, of course, the foremost space science organization in the world, bar none. I wanted to work for JPL myself, but either I wasn't good enough, or there was some other reason they wouldn't hire me, back in the 1980s. Is this black woman really better than I was, or did she get hired because she's black?

Consider the article's title: "A Young Engineer Steps Into the Light." And, behold, it's a black female. How many young white male engineers do good work each year? Lots, I bet. How many of them get puff pieces published by their employers? None of them. Obviously, then, Janelle Wellons is being PUFFED because she is black. The next question is whether she was HIRED, in part, because she is black.

Read the article, and be sure to take notice of how tediously its text dwells on racism, specifically on the subject of allegedly discouraging comments made by Wellons' allegedly white racist school peers. I say "allegedly" because we have no way by which to verify the truth of those statements.

Can we find out what Wellons' mental potential really is? Does she really have the sort of mind you often find at places such as JPL? Does she actually do any engineering? Could she, say, produce from scratch the math needed for calculating the departure and arrival delta-vees for a hyperbolic heliocentric intercept orbit? Or is she merely smart enough to read instrumentation, obeying the instructions thereunto appertaining, and not goof it up too badly or too often?

Personally, I think that the Janelle Wellons "story" is a reprise of the "NASA's Black Women Computers" story. Yeah, those women existed. Mostly as a politically correct PR stunt. They never were mission critical, contrary to how the mainstream media continually try to make them seem.
Old November 2nd, 2019 #2
Hugh Akston
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Hugh Akston

No offense, Jerry, but you need to get in touch with your inner nigger and learn to worship the Loyal Order of the Holy Nigger:

The Holy Ape must never be questioned...

All that said, it's pretty clear this nig was fast-tracked by the-powers-that-be because NASA is still too white. So NASA decided they (and the public) need a modern day "Hidden Figures" nig or two in order to dispel the "whites invented space travel" mythos that stills haunts the agency. And here's something else you're not gonna like: NASA is going full steam ahead to have several women "lunar landing ready" for when they return to the Moon. And just like Rowan & Martin, you can bet your bippy that the next American that NASA sets foot on the Moon will be a woman - and very likely a nigger. Doesn't matter their brains or talent, a nigger it must be. I wouldn't even be surprised if her name turned out to be Neela Armstrong.
Old November 3rd, 2019 #3
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Wink "Is it cuz I is black ?"

Affirmative action .. - - - > a clear case of

In the form of "Oh , here we have a talented black female . . . let's promote her"

- - -

lol . . but still waiting for any blacks on the moon

Oh wait . . wouldn't be such a bad idea sending them all to the moon

Or do they prefer 'black holes' ?

. . well . . maybe though they'd think a black hole is something they can stick 'muh dick' into


All of this makes me think of Tasmin Archer , you know from the early 90's, who did a song about the lunar landings when in fact blacks have contibuted NOTHING to the conquest of space . .



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