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furor hibernica
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Default Political left-wing and right-wing

How is this to be understood? What is it with political left-wing and right-wing?

Are these directions all that is to politics (at least when it comes to extremes)?

What would you yourself consider left-wing and right-wing?

How is this to be evaluated?
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First of all , the fashion of using the terms "politicial left-wing" and "right-wing" stems from the time post-French-Revolution . .

. . which more or less left the people to alledgedly 'decide for themeselves' . . ( yes , the French Revolution was a work of the NWO ( Freemasons ) )

The 'monarch by god's grace' was swept away . .

- - -

It became fashion that in political decision-making localities people with a certain poltical opinion would have their seats on the right , the people on the other side of the political spectrum on the left . .

- - -

Concerning alledged political 'left-wing' and 'right-wing' . .

It is commonly understood that 'right-wing' alledgedly means 'more state' / authoritarianism while 'left-wing' alledgedly means 'collectivism' . .

In this understanding nationalism could be considered 'right-wing' and communism as 'left-wing' . .

Fascism could also be considered right-wing.

- - -

I think one of the reasons today alledged 'right-wing' opinions are frowned upon / not liked to be seen is because the NWO has a grip on our world and in the long run they wish to install a left-wing dictatorship.

So , naturally the 'right-wing' is demonized.


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