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Sweet Pea
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Sweet Pea
Thumbs up Truckers 2 Shut Down America

#T2SDA Reaches Tipping Point Trucker Shutdown Now Unstoppable
Added by truckershutdown on October 7, 2013.

On September 15th we launched a "gas-roots" campaign to inspire Independent Truckers and their supporters to assemble a convoy to Washington, DC on October 11th-13th, 2013. Please visit hptt:// for more detailed information about this upcoming historic event.

Within days of generating awareness with the public, our Facebook pages have collectively received over 150,000+ "LIKE's" allowing millions of fellow citizens to learn about this event. We now have many organizations joining us including 50,000+ "Overpasses for The Impeachment of Obama", Uncle Sam's Misguide Children (USMC), and many other including the most recent addition of MIllion Vet March on DC Memorials.

Since we launched in September, the U.S. Government has been ram-rodded into a shutdown whereby multi-millionaire politicians have decided to furlough American workers for their personal and political gain. Congress decided to pay Senior's, Veterans and U.S. Military personnel as an afterthought once they were well positioned in front of the cameras for their next election.

Obama himself has decided to put barricades, barbed wire and blockades in front of our nation's war heroes at the World War 2 Memorial, USMC Iwo Jima Memorial, and many other sites world wide memorializing the sacrifices we've made keep us a great; proud nation. All Americans now see through his message of tyranny and socialism in the same way Nazi Germany was exposed before World War 2.

Obama-Scare has been rushed into implementation ate than the U.S. government took to hunt own and kill an unarmed mentally distraught mother with a baby in her back seat.

Legislators are now threatening that if the American people do raise the debt ceiling and pay the Bankster's trillions more, that the financial system will collapse --we the people consider this financial terrorism and will not let them get away with it any more. Every single American; redress of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation or political persuasion now knows that there has never been a bailout or crisis in the entire world which has been solved by more debt. Greece and the USA are the moles of disaster we can all reference when determining whether to follow the advice of Wall Street and the Global Banking Crime Syndicate-----Greece, in fact, is the perfect example of what happens when the bet is so unbearable that a country must give up it's land to the Bankster's as collateral when countries can no longer pay their payment to the global Bankster's. ..."

#t2sda, constitution, protest, truckers


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