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Amor Patriae Nostra Lex
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Default EU judgement: Language tests for Turkish immigrants illegal

Since 2007, the spouse of an immigrant must complete a language test to immigrate to Germany. In the case of Turkey, this scheme is, however, illegal. This was decided by the European Court of Justice.
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Samuel Toothgold
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Samuel Toothgold
Default Germany and Turkey signed an agreement, in the 70's, prohibiting obstruction of spouse movement:

This means, White spouses arriving from non-E.U. countries are required to fullfill minimum language proficiencey requirements, instead.
Thanks to court-confirmed inequality, Turks return to their country of origin to marry and then import these spouses. The reason being, "German-born Turk females aren't suitable for marriage". Germany is thus a stepping stone for these Manimals to get permanent residency or citizenship. Then, move onto greener pastures, within the E.U., where social handouts are more lucrative.
Im Fall der Türkei verstießen die Sprachanforderungen jedoch gegen Vereinbarungen mit dem EU-Vorläufer Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft vom Beginn der 1970er Jahre, urteilten die Richter (Rechtssache C-138/13). Damals vereinbarten beide Seiten, dass die Niederlassung nicht erschwert werden dürfe.
This is what is to replace White people in Germany:

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