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Default Italian town says 'no' to Holocaust memorial, calling it divisive

Italian town says 'no' to Holocaust memorial, calling it divisive

DECEMBER 2, 2019

The municipal council of the Italian town of Schio has rejected a proposal to honor its citizens who perished in the death camps with Stolpersteine, the engraved brass stones placed as a memorial in front of the homes where Holocaust victims once lived.

Alberto Bertoldo, a member of the center-right governing coalition, said that an initiative of this kind would have risked “generating new hatred and division,” the Italian daily La Repubblica reported last week. “Let the victims rest in peace.”

All for the Jews but nothing for the victims of the massacre of the prison of Schio in July 1945!

Schio massacre

The Schio massacre was a mass prisoner killing carried out by the Italian partisans of the Garibaldi Brigade and officers of the Auxiliary Partisan Police in the city jail of Schio on the night of 6–7 July 1945. Many, but not all, of the 54 people who were killed were fascist supporters or had collaborated with the Germans...


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