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Default Salvini: Italy, Poland New Moral Leaders of Europe. Praises Russia, Slams Sanctions

Salvini: Italy, Poland New Moral Leaders of Europe. Praises Russia, Slams Sanctions

Sat, Jan 12, 2019
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Dawn Cannon
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Default Macron has mass protests on the streets, Salvini has adulation

On Twitter:

And he received this reception in Naples... Historically a place which was always very hostile to his party for its views for northern independence.
We love him too, Allessandra!

Amazing that. Salvini does what the electorate voted him in to do. Macron does whatever the EU tells him. I think the only person who is surprised by this is Macron himself.

Salvini for British Prime Minister 👍 Absolutely!

Salvini has become very popular in the South. It is Southern ports where the migrants disembark and crime and disorder have become common there. This is especially true in my family's province of Foggia, Puglia as migrant smuggling and criminal activity is now a major problem.

Who could have thought that this would even have been possible just three or four years ago? Yet the tumultuousness of life often times changes the most resolute minds. Salvini protects the South and the South loves him for it.
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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon
Default Salvini on the brink of political earthquake in Left-leaning Italian heartlands

The northern region has been in the hands of the Left, without interruption, since the end of the Second World Fratricide War.

But that hegemony faces a stiff challenge in a key election on Sunday, with polls showing that the ruling Democratic Party is neck-and-neck with The League, the hard-Right party led by Matteo Salvini.

Mr Salvini says that if his party can take such a centre-left stronghold then the legitimacy of the national coalition – an awkward alliance between the Democrats and the Five Star Movement – is at an end and Italy should head straight to fresh elections.

That could result in him toppling Giuseppe Conte as prime minister and winning the top job for himself.

“If we win on the 26th, I’ll go to the prime minister’s office with a letter of eviction for Conte and his government,” Mr Salvini said as he hit the campaign trail across the region.

Towns and cities in Emilia-Romagna are split, with more rural areas expected to abandon decades of voting for the Left for Mr Salvini's Right-wing League party

The town of Mirandola offers an augury of the political revolution that could be about to sweep Emilia-Romagna into the hands of the Right.

Surrounded by pancake-flat arable land, drainage ditches and isolated farmhouses reminiscent of Lincolnshire, it has grown rich on the back of the biomedical industry, hosting multinational companies which employ tens of thousands of locals.

The sector is so successful that this small town of 24,000 people accounts for a staggering 2.5 per cent of Italy’s entire GDP.

The economy is booming, there are plenty of jobs and the streets and piazzas, lined with pastel-coloured townhouses, are spotless.

But despite the buoyant economic situation, in municipal elections last year the people of Mirandola abandoned the centre-Left for the first time since the war, instead electing a mayor from the League.

A lawyer for 38 years, 67-year-old Alberto Greco was a political novice when he was elected seven months ago.

“I’m the first mayor not to come from the Communist Party or the Democratic Party for 74 years,” he told The Telegraph in his office.

“The Democrats made the mistake of orientating themselves to the cities too much. The periphery – the towns and villages in the provinces – felt abandoned.”

In a political landscape that evokes Trump’s America and Brexit Britain, it is small towns in the region that are expected to swing to the Right, while cosmopolitan cities such as Bologna are predicted to remain loyal to the centre-Left.
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