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Default Married with Children: predictive programming

Married with Children: predictive programming

Second showcase and prescription of degeneracy. Simultaneous to the Simpsons this sitcom served the same purpose only to a greater extreme of vice, the characters being deliberately exaggerated from the reality as a means of distorting realityinto their image, an idealistic reification of Satanic archetypes, in the words of Stalin an ‘idealist materialist’ praxis which seeks to create a reality in their own image attempting to usurp the throne of Nature/God and crown oneself (the Jewish people as a collective) as god of their own universe, creating a kingdom of hell upon earth.

This sitcom served well that purpose, being replete with satanic symbolism and memes that ingrained themselves in the consciousness of the docile hypnotized viewers who were rendered comatose and highly suggestible through the flicker rate of their Talmud-visions.

Again as with the Simpsons, the pater familias is denigrated as a will-less simpleton who exists purely for the sake of self-stimulation outside of his servitude towards his family before whom he grudgingly slaves in his meaningless occupation which like Homer Simpson (both former high school football stars) is the denouement of their lives and destruction of their youthful idealism, namely the family structure which is presented as a prison to which one is shackled.

The castration of the pater familias (kill the king, kill the kingdom) was/is the surreptitious meme publicized through this vehicle of entrainment attempting to reify the idea ‘the king is dead and obliterate his memory, history, culture, etc.’

This castration procedure was affected by the usurpation of the dominant role by the female Peggy who, unlike Marge Simpson, was more of a callous feminist black widow spider who ensnared her husband slave in the web of a prospectively comfortable home which led to his money/energy/blood being drained into her shopping sprees and credit cards, the remnant being allocated towards her chillins, the latchkey kids.

Thus the woman was placed on top and the man existed merely to transport her to her desired destination. The self-absorbed negligence of the wife/mother led to the unravelling of the family unit: the son being a castrated outcast and eventually a degenerate exploiter of women (a spiritual Jew), the daughter being a harlot (whore of Babylon) whose occupation consisted of romping around with random alpha male bad boys – both cases leading to the destruction of the nuclear family through exploitation (as exploiter and exploited) of themselves and others, themselves being exploited through their basest drives being cultivated (profligacy/polygamy in the case of males and the drive towards monogamy or attachment to the alpha male in the case of females).

Given this fragmentation process the Bundy family holds itself together through the magic of the hyper-reality of a sitcom. Translating this into real life leads simply to the degradation of the family and inevitable chaos in society taking this as the archetype which under the guise of humour exists merely to reify the ideal of the Jews in their creation of a Jewish utopia through the destruction of the nuclear family.

Contrast this portrayal of white families with that of negro families in the media as a further attempt to portray that which is white in the blackest light and to invert reality as a means of subverting it. ‘Family Matters’ is a case in point wherein the negro youth is portrayed as a genius and the negro police officer father, a law-abiding responsible dad who has a close-knit family unit wherein all manner of merriment ensues. Add to this mixture the ‘Fresh Prince’ wherein the black patriarch is a law-abiding judge who looks out for his ‘people’ in the form of an urban youth from a broken home.

The latter sitcom serves as a vehicle to inculcate the white middle America audience with a guilt trip for alleged historical events such as black slavery by white overlords and rampant black poverty in ‘the ghetto’ and enticing white youth with the ‘urban culture’ (black culture) to fill the vacuum of their own degraded culture with a kosher-approved substitute. Thus inversion/perversion operates at the level of the family unit striking at the roots of society to destroy the flowering of the higher culture through this communist leveling process.

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