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Default He-man Master of the Universe: racial allegory

He-man Master of the Universe:

Another leak in the matrix comes in the form of what presumably is a gnostic (and perhaps Jesuit in the sense of Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels) offering, an insight into the future possibility (probability) of what is to come after the conflagration between the Aryan He-man and the leader of the dark forces Skeletor the Jew, namely total victory for the ‘Eternian’, the Aryan race who alone are capable of attaining eternity through cultivating ‘the power of Greyskull’ and ascending beyond the material plane. Thereby they attain eternity and thus are called ‘Eternians’ (Aryans).
He-man the blond-haired, blue-eyed ruddy-skinned Aryan man who crusades (with his Maltese cross) for the survival of the ‘little people’ who live outside of Eternia (the mundane world, still living behind the veil of Maya) and who are constantly beset by the machinations of the evil Skeletor and his evil horde. He-man’s name is Prince Adam, connotive of Adamic man, the Aryan race who are of ‘God’ not part of the creation of god and who thereby are ‘masters of the universe’ not subject to dissipation and absorption into the demiurge as energetic food.
Skeletor the minion of this demiurgic force and through whom it manifests itself on the mundane plane form ‘Snake Mountain’ (left-hand path black magic) as opposed to the white magic benevolence of Greyskull, both of which are energy flowing along the Shushumna (spinal canal only in contrary directions in the case of Greyskull (the skull) upward towards the higher realms and eternity; in the case of Snake Mountain downwards and onto the earth. Perhaps however both paths lead to eternity? But only how they are used and directed? Skeletor the Jew wearing the colours of the demiurge (Saturn) those of the nightside of Eden(purple and dark blue) is equipped with great knowledge as evinced by his plotting and cunning manipulation – pure intellect, leftbrain robot thought, logic and entropic cogitation – nevertheless lacking in wisdom as operating on a wavelength not in harmony with the sum total, devoted purely to egoic pursuits and thus doomed to failure from the outset whereas in the case of He-man he is the white mage who resonates with the sum total and through a heightened intuition and understanding can easily circumvent the plans of the Jew/Skeletor, whose magic is rooted in a perverse twisting of the order of things to serve his own megalomaniacal plans for conquest of the earthly plane and Eternia, a realm he is incapable of attaining. Sorceress is the bearer of intuition (intuitive consciousness) which is the seat of wisdom in castle Greyskull whereas her counterpart in the evil horde is Evil Lynn who represents the
sacred feminine intuition in its lowest octave as a black magic manipulation so prevalent in the discipline of psychology that power source which modern feminists plug themselves into as means of self-empowerment which always entails a relative decrease in the power of others from whom this power is taken and over whom it is wielded. The nanny state of today is represented by this Other- subjection by the feminine ego in its lowest octave. Sorceress resonates with the sum total, Evil Lynn runs against the grain for purely self- serving ends. Beastman with his feral strength is the enowsh of the bible, the preAdamites who are part of the creation and incapable of transcending the material plane where they remain as an earthbound soul if not absorbed into the demiurge as energetic food. His counterparts (if such a parallel may be drawn) would be Ram-man (brute strength used for good as opposed to evil and thereby always of greater force necessarily capable of overcoming evil) and Man-at-arms whose technological weaponry easily supersedes Beastman and the evil horde. However this technology – itself a neutral force used for either good or evil – can be easily turned towards the source of evil and this is entrusted to the engineer Man—at- arms whose Aryan soul employs the technology for Good.
Both allegories of justice (the rare exception in a system of injustice) and of injustice are discoverable in countless forms in the pop culture even through (at this advanced stage in the dialectic of the Jews’ evil) the good is overshadowed by the surfeit of evil which pervades the pop-cultural landscape. In spite of the degradation of the family and thereby the Aryan race in general by this mind control, good always finds a way to overcome evil, justice to rectify injustice. In the fantasy world of pop culture so too in the real world of politics at a micro and macro level: the Evil of the earth, the dark lord, is subjugated by the children of light, the Aryan (noble) race.

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