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Default Dukes vs. Jukes, Eugenics vs. Malgenics

Dukes vs. Jukes, Eugenics vs. Malgenics:

A dichotomous choice is presented in all social engineering (on a grand scale) and familial structures (on a micro level) and even intra-personally (for self): that between elevation and degradation, either up-breeding and development (one might call it evolution), or down-breeding and self/other- destruction (this may properly be spoken of as devolution or degeneration).

To generate oneself through oneself is to germinate the divine spark within (assuming such a one is possessed of such, that property exclusive to the Aryan) – such germination is eugenics, ‘good generation’ by definition, which develops itself out of itself organically, thereby creating a lasting state that can be further developed for the betterment of oneself and extrapolating for those who derive benefit from this same selfpropelling wheel.

Thus a heaven or hell of one’s own making is available to the one who has both potentialities latent within which is to say only the faculty of creating a stairway to heaven, for failure to do so is tantamount to languishment in a heal of one’s own creation.

All others who have no such inherent possibility must burn up inevitably in the hell of their own inner nature, unable as they are to perpetuate their integrity of soul which latter fragments in the aether postmortem as they have not the higher principles (faculties) necessary for ascension. At a local, individual level, the aspirant to such Olympian heights faces this dichotomous choice of salvation or destruction, not in the sense of a salve (dissolution of the soul into ‘god’ as a will-less slave of the Demiurge) but rather the salvation in the form of being one’s own messiah (priest of the order of Melchizedek, anointing himself with the ‘messiah’ or crocodile fat as a priest initiate of a higher spiritual order) through the coagula of maintaining the
integrity of the soul post-mortem; Kaivalya over Ahimsa.

Rather than subordinating oneself before an anthropomorphic deity to rather become a deity of his own making, an anthropomorphic god-man who attains godmanhood rather than casting away his own inner development through subordination and submission to that fictional entity who is the one and only absolute crunched into a miniature of himself, a man-god who is absolute. If there is a conscious absolute all partake of such and this is no special position or perhaps even any meaningful position to be in. Rather to develop one’s self evolutionarily is the only meaning life has to offer worthy of the name. Submission is for the weak and foolish, the ‘foolish things’ of the earth, rather ‘transmission’ if I may be permitted this term, towards godhood would be the path along which to tread. Whether this path corresponds with the moral codes of any given society at any given time has no relationship to its upward trajectory.

Eugenics within the microcosm of the person is always within one’s control even given the discordant vibrations of the self-appointed Archontic rulers who would attempt to usurp one’s function in his self-development leading him along the path towards extinction and away from ascension and the state of individuation which is its necessary condition. To be in the world and not of the world, to be apart and yet conscious of that in relation to which he is a part, as an ‘Other’ and yet making contact without immersion within the collective conscious as a selfsubsisting being, drawing upon the collective for resources to augment this his own process of development.

The tyrant would intervene to utilize others (the mass collective ‘Other’) to fulfill a similar process to this though exteriorized/externalized rather than interiorized/internalized by the authentic man who seeks personal self- development in accordance with the rule ‘do no harm’; the tyrant, a sorcerer and black magician by trade, necessarily harms as is his want and in accordance with his capricious will, bent upon his own aggrandizement without regard for maintaining the harmony of the environment, of the sum total. Thus like Lucifer and Prometheus, he plummets to a hell-on-earth of his own creation and burns to ashes in the fires of his own inner chaos. When the statesman is an authentic man himself, he harmonizes with the collective over which he exerts his influence and is influenced by turn.

This authentic leader develops his people in accordance with their inner nature as structuring the architecture of the state to facilitate their individual and collective progression towards godhood thereby ennobling them even though they be a peasant of the fields. Such a potentiality exists only in a racially homogeneous demographic, wherein all are harmonizing with one another given their similarity of vibrational frequency and can thus ‘clear the air’ so to speak of the static of volk chaos of multiracial societies whose inner turmoil conduces to violence and incompatible soul types each striving to fulfill their respective destinies over and against each other thereby fulfilling none and descending into chaos; the fragmentation of the soul being the inevitable result and malgenics its externalization within the mundane world such as in South America, itself having descended to ruins through the attempt to combine the uncombinable so that those architects of this tower of Babel might rule over witless slaves more akin to the Jukes, products of malgenics then of the Dukes, those who can exist only in a racially homogeneous Hazzard County, a multi-racial society can never be one of eugenics but decays through its own discord into a malgenics nightmare. Dukes vs. Jukes,

Eugenics vs. Malgenics #2:

Harmonious organic conditions beget harmonious potentialities to develop and elevate society towards the Elysium state of godhood among the populous. This necessarily means a racially homogeneous society as only the formula of an authentic leader holding sway over an authentic society can develop authentic architecture that can attain this state of affairs.

Architecture of this nature (legislation, policies, moral codes, etc.) is akin to the white magic of the occultism of a eugenic order, architecture of the converse (that which fails to meet these conditions but instead has the opposite conditions) is akin to black magic, and its manifestation is in multi-racial societies, wherein chaos/discord reigns amongst the ruins of volk chaos, wherein each seek the blood of their
physical as lacking any racial neighbours or neighbourhoods in which to attain the self-actualization of godhood.

An authentic ruler (of the people racially, and for them praxiologically; having the requisite knowledge/gnosis as an authentic man to understand what is necessary and what superfluous in the realm of the political) creates an authentic society (assuming a ruler would need to exist and that society would not be communitarian in some way – though likely the Fuhrerprinzip would accord with the natural modus vivendi and organic existence of societies); an authentic society develops itself out of itself organically without any force being imposed upon it save only in the early stages where the problems existent rendering it unauthentic (to whatever degree) are wiped aside and substituted for an increasingly more approximate form of this ideal which, as in the case of the authentic man, is a self-propelling wheel of evolution towards higher states and away from the entropy of stagnation and its inevitable slow decay on the one hand or the more rapid dissolution of the architecture of chaos born of the insane mind of the black magician whose irrational and paradoxically over- intellectual idealism converts itself through its own inner contradictions into a nightmarish realism that precipitates its destruction.

The only salvation for such a society is a saviour who can wipe away the problems through use of the necessary means – and this saviour figure is no pacifistic anthropomorphic Semitic deity but a god-man of Aryan kind who is the strongman necessary to resurrect the decayed society from the grave of oblivion- the sorcerers of the current rulership will cease-their chaos magic only through stronger white magic being used against them.

The solution to violence (of the natural order of things) is counter-violence. Given that a harmonious society is necessarily based upon the family unit with the destruction of the latter the former also ceases to exist. This is the black magician elite’s sinister intention under the usual guises of love, peace, liberty, etc.

To be liberated from one’s organic destiny is to substitute in its place an artificial purpose necessarily discordant with one’s inner being. Thus feminism destroys the woman and her natural inclination while faggotism distorts the role of the man and they both reciprocally condition each other with feminism pushing away men and turning them away from their natural attraction to women (repulsion as opposed to attraction) and faggotism repelling women who find the effeminate repelling in its inappropriate place, namely inherent in the person of a naturally (under-the-regime-of-a- traditional/ organic/ authentic society)masculine type.

Perverting the nature of the members of the family perverts the family which in turn destroys society through the destruction of its foundation. Again only the strongman can rectify this problem through imposition of the necessary force and eliminate the cause through eliminating the effect.
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

I remember reading years ago about the genetically defective Juke family in one of Kurt Saxon's works. This sounds very similar.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
I remember reading years ago about the genetically defective Juke family in one of Kurt Saxon's works. This sounds very similar.
thats what it refers to
read "eugenics" by popenoe and johnson from

degeneration, eugenics, genetics


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