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Default Great site for air lovers!

You could spend a lot of time here. I know I have. This is retro material, but then again...

It took the USA decades to catch up with Germany, and even then it involved use of their people and ripping off the German WWII ideas. The "Stealth Bomber" is a good example. Look at the Hortens stuff.

Germany was ripped off by popular fiction too. Any "Star Wars" fans out there will notice this if they spend some time looking through the designs.

Beautiful artwork here as well. "Luft Art" section. Some really talented young people from all over Europe and the USA have helped to depict these German designs. A few of these are theoretical, or even fictional(so far as we know), like the "kugelblitz" art.

When you have a free hour or two, explore this site thoroughly.

If you have kids, here's a good alternative to the Yukio card stuff that's popular lately
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Proud White Guy

Nice post,and your very correct. Had WW2 gone on much longer.Those P-51 Mustangs,and B-17's would have turned into suicide mssions.

The Germans were very far ahead of us,they were doing Rockets,Stealth,and Jets.

They made us all look stupid.The only reason we won the war,was because we outproduced them.

America has been blessed with dumb luck.

Germany and Japan,should have both kicked our asses,but they didn't,because the war effort was based on the enormous amount of production,we were capable of.

We had none of their technology,but it was interesting how we got into stealing all their scientists,after the war.

The space race wasn't won,becuase of affirmative action,it was won by german brains,and ingeniuity.
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God Bless Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and America, and God Damn the anti-white, anti-christian, and anti-American jewish controlled media.


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