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Old June 1st, 2017 #3341
Randolph Dilloway
Join Date: Mar 2016
Location: Looking over Willy's shoulder
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Randolph Dilloway
Default David "beer gut" Pringle, broke, useless & needs more money

A week ago, I described what Willy now looks like in the post titled, April 2017 Willy Alliance Bulletin: Update on Legal Matters, Part Two.

Was going to follow up with the latest on Pringle, but decided hold off.

Glad I did.

This afternoon, over @ Willy's playpen, Pringle started a thread mis-using Dr. Pierce's commentary from 22 years ago, titled, "Why More Progress Isn't Made", from the December 1995 National Alliance Bulletin.

Pringle is trying to shame the remaining Willy fan club to pony up more loot to keep his lazy ass alive.

Locals told me, when Willy finally showed up in West Virginia recently, for the first time in months, Pringle was seen at the local Dollar General store stocking up.

Not difficult to figure this out. Willy finally paid his "chief of staff."

The interesting part is what Pringle stocked up on. Gallon jugs of water. LMAO. Pringle, you live right on top of the birthplace of some 21 rivers and you have to buy water in late May?

My local intel is spot on. Your drunk ass managed to bust every water line on The Land since you arrived a year ago.

For those of you who still don't get it...

The National Alliance officially died back on October 24, 2015. Since then it's been the self-proprietorship I name The Willy Alliance.
Old June 5th, 2017 #3342
Registered User
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I listed to this show will williams seams to be one big clown, i got a better impression of him when i was just reading qhat he posted(if it actually was him writing it).

Narrg is obviously a christian organisation, they may not be full christ insaner but they do believe in the christian moral system, they are just garbage in general. This old article was good though confirmed by suspicion that cosmotheism was a tax avoidance attempt only.

Turning the NA into a religious cult might actually be a good strategy, i will not join of course(i rather start my own). If you just push your bullshit hard enough a lot of people will buy into it, maybe promoting cosmotheism as the new great religion is a smart strategy.

kevin alfred strom, national alliance, will williams


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