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Default £3.4 BILLION from your pockets


TAXPAYERS have handed over an eye-watering £3.4billion to take care of foreign prisoners since 1997.

The total bill is now £431million a year – with 11,350 foreign convicts in UK jails.

That compares to just 5,388 when Labour came to power, according to Tory figures that were revealed yesterday.

Many of them have been *convicted of horrific offences, such as murder and rape.

They include vile criminals like Yusuf Jama, a Somali illegal *immigrant, who killed WPC Sharon Beshenivsky in Bradford in 2005.

He is expected to remain in prison here until 2041 after being told he must serve at least 35 years.

Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve blamed Labour for allowing those likely to commit crime into the UK and failing to send those convicted home to *finish their sentences.

He said: “These disturbing *figures reflect this Government’s combination of lax border controls and incompetent management of our prisons.

“With record prison *overcrowding, the surge in the foreign *prisoner population has driven the Government to its reckless policy of early release, putting the public at additional risk. Enormous resources are wasted housing criminals who should not be here in the first place.”

The number of foreign criminals has increased by over 110 per cent since 1999, compared to an increase of just 20 per cent in UK offenders.

The Tories claim half of new prison cells are being taken by *foreign criminals.

Since 1999, the total number of new jail places has increased by 12,549. But the foreign prison population has grown by 5,962 over the same period, meaning that 48 per cent of all new cells have been used to accommodate the increase. Under some prison transfer agreements, foreign prisoners can only be deported if they agree. But with conditions in British jails often far superior to those found in Third World countries, many prefer to stay here.

Jamaica has the highest number of its criminals being fed and housed in the UK at 1,055. Many of them are “drug mules”, found to be carrying cocaine when stopped at British airports.

Plans to build a British-run jail in Jamaica have so far come to *nothing. Other countries with large *numbers of prisoners serving time in the UK include Nigeria (765), *Ireland (627), Vietnam (564) and Poland (523).

One Nigerian prisoner explained why he had no interest in returning home. He said: “In British prisons I can get three meals a day, I have a right to medical care, I can *complain if my rights are violated, I can’t be beaten.

“In Nigeria, I seriously doubt my rights would be respected.”

Justice Minister Maria Eagle told MPs this week that the Government wanted to do a new deal with Nigeria that would allow prisoners to be sent home, willing or not.

But with torture and maltreatment common in many countries, such a move could run into opposition under the Human Rights Act.

The cost of looking after foreign prisoners since 1997 would be enough to build up to 15 new “super-hospitals” or knock a penny off the basic rate of income tax for all Britons for one year.

The Prison Service said: “We don’t recognise those figures. The cost of the prison system cannot be directly related to individual *prisoners.

“The Government believes that, where appropriate, such *prisoners should serve their sen- tences in their home country.”
And once again, "Have Your Say" is unavailable for this story. There was a long trend for several weeks whereby any story of this nature or on immigration in general received hundreds of posts from readers. 90% of the posts were pro-BNP or mentioned the BNP in a favourable light. Now nobody is allowed to respond to stories of this kind.
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
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The Death Penalty would save so much more money which we could spend on our Troops, Elderly and saving what is left of our Industries.


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