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Old September 24th, 2014 #1
∞ 𐌙 λ
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Default Another nigger-baller arrested for beating White wife who let the nigger take a shit in the White gene pool

Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer assaulted his wife in argument after she accused him of cheating

This is the way Mother Nature lets those White women who engage in bestiality that they have made a mistake.

  • Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested last Wednesday on aggravated assault charges in connection with two altercations in July
  • Police records show the 25-year-old football star allegedly broke his wife Kayla's nose and punched her with a closed fist in the face
  • One of the counts was 'aggravated assault causing a fracture' against the 27-year-old Mrs Dwyer on July 21
  • Neighbors heard a fight and called police, who showed up at the residence
  • Police Sgt. Trent Crump said Dwyer hid in the bathroom until police left
  • The next day, Dwyer threw his wife's phone from the second floor of their home to prevent her from calling police
  • Dwyer also allegedly hurled a shoe at their 17-month-old son
"I die in the faith of my people. May the German people be aware of its enemies!"
Paul Blobel, SS Officer, 1951, last words prior to being executed
Old September 24th, 2014 #2
Samuel Toothgold
Charachature incarnate
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Samuel Toothgold
Default That pixelling out the monster's mug made it unnecessary for me to grab the eye bleach:

Old September 24th, 2014 #3
Squarehead Chris
Senior Member
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Squarehead Chris

She looks like a beaness to me, or some sort of muddy concoction.
Definitely not 100% White.
Old September 24th, 2014 #4
Junior Member
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Whatever she is, beaner, mix, or darker White, she deserves what she got. Nothing but a gold digging bitch hooking on to a nigger's "star".
Old September 24th, 2014 #5
Senior Member
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Default I don't think she's White but she's still a dumbass

They don't call it the NIGGER Felony League for nothing. Of course the NIGGER Baboon League (NBA) is not any better. I agree, these gold digging whores, many of them White, marry these apes, have their kids and then get the shit beat out of them and then go back to them for more abuse. And I am supposed to have sympathy for these twisted, demented bitches? Shit, Ray Rice's dumbass ho MARRIED him AFTER he beat her ass. What kind of sick shit is that? To say these sluts deserve what they get by being with these violent savages is the understatement of the decade.
Old September 24th, 2014 #6
N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest

These cunts will accept the black eyes & pinch off pickaninnies as long as they can buy all the Jimmy Choo shoes & Louis Vuitton purses they want.
"First: Do No Good." - The Hymiecratic Oath

"The man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation — is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life." - John Wesley Hardin
Old September 24th, 2014 #7
Senior Member
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Relax, everyone. She's just a high yellow nigger:
Old September 24th, 2014 #8
Anthony Lynch
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She's not white, maybe a octaroon.
Old September 24th, 2014 #9
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by maidofthearyanmist View Post
Whatever she is.......
"whatever it is....."

there. fixed it.

Dr. William Pierce
Old September 24th, 2014 #10
Crystal Winterfrost
卐 ☠ ϟϟ ✠ 卐 ✠ ϟϟ ☠ 卐
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Location: In hell (also called multicultural USA)
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Crystal Winterfrost

Originally Posted by 313Chris View Post
Relax, everyone. She's just a high yellow nigger:
Not much to relax about when pictures such as these are plastered all over that page:

It doesn't make much difference if just one nigger-loving mudshark isn't fully White. Unfortunately there are still plenty of fully White women (many are good-looking) engaging in bestiality and shitting out half-breed abominations.

I have zero sympathy for traitorous race-mixers who get abused, beaten, raped, or murdered by their sub-human partners. They deserve everything bad they get.
“The sweet Goddess of Peace lives only under the protective arm of the ready God of War.” ― David Lane

coal burners, inter primate bestiality, mud shark, mud shark misery, nigger baller


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