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Default £780 bill for Cenotaph cleanup vandal

A mother who shopped her daughter to police for vandalising a war memorial has been landed with the £780 bill to remove the obscene graffiti.

Her ‘despicable’ child reduced war veterans to tears after she spray-painted a cenotaph last month.

Magistrates said the 14-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had brought ‘shame on her family’ after daubing a crude drawing of a penis on the memorial in Wolverhampton.

Sentencing the girl to a nine-month referral order, Sandy Gough, chair of the bench at the city’s youth court, said: ‘I think it’s a despicable act that you did at the memorial.

I hope that in the future you will come to learn from what you have done.’

The girl’s mother was not ordered to pay the full £1,128 cost of cleaning the memorial as Ms Gough said it was such a ‘huge amount’.

Defending the vandal Mr Ravi Dev said: ‘She’s taken responsibility for her actions.

‘Her mother, to her credit, is quite disgusted and supports the prosecution. She wasn’t fully aware what the cenotaph represented.’

The teenager, from Dudley, admitted criminal damage at an earlier hearing after her mother told police she had found a can of paint in a bag two days after the attack.

The girl’s mother also told the court her daughter ‘mixes with a terrible crowd’ and was brought home by police on the eve of her court appearance.

Ms Gough has warned the teenager she could be brought back for re-sentencing if she did not behave.

‘Don’t think we don’t lock up girls like you because we do,’ she said. She took no action against the mother saying she believed she had done her ‘level best’ to control the girl.

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