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Kevin Goudreau
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Kevin Goudreau
Default Banned from Facebook for over the hundredth time

Banning me and my friends is irrelevant and helps our cause as political social media martyrs, iv been banned from facebook over 100 times since 2008 for basically nothing and not even violating facebook standards and always come back, I already had a backup account waiting and is now active. All this does is make us heroes and increased our membership again as we are also on 10 other social media platforms.

A quote from a wise man about censorship of Nationalist Patriots "When you silence the men of the word, you will have to deal with the men of the sword.” Paul Fromm. The more people are oppressed and silenced the more people will turn to drastic measures to express themselves.

All this has done is advance our cause by leaps and bounds and as I said I was banned an hour ago and back already.

National Chairman, Canadian Nationalist Front
(705) 808-1488 [email protected]
SKYPE live:kevin_goudreau


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