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Kevin Goudreau
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Kevin Goudreau
Default Playing Into Our Hands

You all played right into our hands as I have foreseen, I want this added oppression on the truth and free speech, you all jumped through my hoops, now the real work can begin, leftists are predictable and easy to manipulate, you helped us advance our timetable of civil war and taking back what is ours. Have you not learned from history? What happens when you silence and oppress political debate and discourse, what happens next you brought on yourselves. Like Pavlovian drooling dogs jumping through my hoops for a treat. The revolution you just helped fan the flames and I thank you
all your ignorance and stupidity. Check and Mate!
National Chairman, Canadian Nationalist Front
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Default legal question

Hi. Do you have a link or source for any changes in the law regarding freedom of expression in Canada? Any pending legislation,etc.?


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