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Default Sandy Springs,Georgia to adopt hate crime ordinance

The Wealthy Jewish elite who rule Sandy Springs pass a hate crime ordinance.
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Erik T. White
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Erik T. White

Originally Posted by mweaver View Post
The Wealthy Jewish elite who rule Sandy Springs pass a hate crime ordinance.
Sandy Springs has adopted a hate crime ordinance, becoming one of the first cities in Georgia to call on the courts to impose more severe penalties where people were victimized because of their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or other factors.

The City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance proposed by Council Member Andy Bauman. The measure does not criminalize merely thinking or hating without an underlying crime, the council member said in a memo to the council. It calls for enhanced penalties for specific, municipal crimes.

According to the ordinance, a judge handing down a sentence in a criminal conviction involving a hate crime “shall impose an increased sentence of imprisonment and/or fine up to and including the maximums permitted” under municipal and applicable state law.

The measure also requires the Sandy Springs Police Department to track and report hate crimes through GBI and FBI reporting systems.
Source: link by OP.

Sandy Springs is a part of the apelanta metro area.

Any questions on why I left jeworgia???
Whites are afraid to speak out against their enemies, let alone act out. This must change ~ Alex Linder
Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both. ~ Erwin Rommel
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Unless it's black on white.
In that case, it's 'robbery'.

georgia, hate crime, jews, sandy springs


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