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Woodpecker Good Quote About Jews: Unlike Most Human Groups, Jews are a Malignant Cancer

“If jews would stick to their own part of the world and not bother us, and be neutral, like Buddhist Monks in Asia for example, I wouldn’t be calling for their elimination as threats to the White race. The jew cannot do that because they are parasitic in nature. I believe it’s their genetic survival strategy, which means it’s them or us.

Aryans, up until modern times, have collectively known that they must terminate threats to their existence. Like any species in the animal kingdom would do, if it was within their power to exercise superiority against a threat. It’s survival of the fittest, and that’s basic natural law 101, which all life forms are subject to, regardless of their sophistication. We’ve lost our edge, in part due to the weakness of christianity. It made quite a fertile ground for Marxism to grow, and spread.”
VNNF poster Crowe.

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