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Default On a noninterventionist US foreign policy

This article has´nt been linked here yet? About a new view for American foreign policy in the form of non-interventionism. Some 'interesting' comments about America´s main ally.

Americans have grown understandably weary of foreign entanglements over the last 12 years of open-ended warfare, and they are now more receptive to a noninterventionist message than they have been in decades...

A noninterventionist foreign policy would first of all require a moratorium on new foreign entanglements and commitments for the foreseeable future....

When a conflict or dispute erupts somewhere, unless it directly threatens the security of America or our treaty allies, the assumption should be that it is not the business of the U.S. government to take a leading role in resolving it....

One of the priorities of a noninterventionist agenda would be the scaling back of America’s numerous commitments overseas. This would be accomplished mainly by shifting burdens gradually to current allies and regional powers: ceding regional influence in Central Asia to India and Russia, for example,...

A noninterventionist U.S. would keep the major treaty allies it has for the time being but would also review its relationships with the many client states that neither act like nor deserve the name of ally....

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