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Default Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Quotes on Race

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Quotes on Race

1. That the maintenance of civilisation today rests with that magnificent Teutonic stock which is represented alike by the two hotly contending rivals, England and German, as well as by Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium, is as undeniably true as it is vigorously disputed. The Teuton is the summit of evolution.

2. The negro is fundamentally the biological inferior of all White and even Mongolian races, and the Northern people must occasionally be reminded of the danger which they incur in admitting him too freely to the privileges of society and government.

3. The Klan merely did for the people what the law refused to do, removing the ballot from unfit hands and restoring to the victims of political vindictiveness their natural rights.

4. Race prejudice is a gift of Nature, intended to preserve in purity the various divisions of mankind which the ages have evolved.

5. True, some of the Jews were intelligent; in fact there were some very brilliant scholars among them; but how could a child used to other children like himself find anything in common with hook-nosed, swarthy, guttural-voiced aliens? Repulsion was instinctive—I never denied the mental capacity of the Jew; in fact I admire the race and its early history at a distance; but association with them was intolerable. Just as some otherwise normal men hate the sight or presence of a cat, so have I hated the presence of a Jew.

6. It was the Teutonic might of Charles Martel that drove the Saracen Semite out of Gaul.

7. As to races, I deem it most proper to recognise the divisions into which nature has grouped mankind. Science shows us the infinite superiority of the Teutonic Aryan over all others, and it therefore becomes us to see that his ascendancy shall remain undisputed. Any racial mixture can but lower the result.

8. Whether I have ever beheld any place of equal putrefaction remains to be seen—at present I find it hard to conceive of anything more utterly and ultimately loathsome than certain streets of the lower east side where Kleiner took Loveman and me in April 1922. The organic things -Italo-Semitico-Mongoloid- inhabiting that awful cesspool could not by any stretch of the imagination be call’d human.

9. Can you imagine anything more magnificent than the wholesale slaughter of the Indians — a very epick–by our New-England ancestors in the name of the lamb?

10. Our province is to found the cities and conquer the wilderness and people the waste lands–that, and to assemble and drive the slaves, who tell us stories and sing us songs and paint us pretty pictures. WE ARE THE MASTERS.

11. Tracing the career of the Teuton through medieval and modern history, we can find no possible excuse for denying his actual biological supremacy. In widely separated localities and under widely diverse conditions, his innate racial qualities have raised him to preeminence. There is no branch of modern civilization that is not his making.

12. Englishmen and Germans are blood brothers, descended from the same stern Woden-worshipping ancestors, blessed with the same rugged virtues, and fired with the same noble ambitions. In a world of diverse and hostile races the joint mission of these virile men is one of union and cooperation with their fellow Teutons in defense of civilization against the onslaughts of all others.

13. … so that wherever the Wandering Jew wanders, he will have to content himself with his own society till he disappears or is killed off in some sudden outburst of mad physical loathing on our part. I’ve easily felt able to slaughter a score or two when jammed in a N.Y. subway train.

14. New England is by far the best place for a white man to live, and some of the northern parts are still astonishingly American.

15. In general, America has made a fine mess of its population, and will pay for it in tears amidst a premature rottenness unless something is done extremely soon.

16. Nordic and Jew, culturally, can never meet on common ground because each one cordially hates what is sacred to the other.

17. Does anybody fancy for a moment that a Nordic race could be knocked about for two millennia by its neighbors? God! They’d either die fighting to the last man, or rise up and wipe out their would-be persecutors off the Earth!!!

18. Aryans, as Aryans, will always feel a deep-seated and uneasy dislike toward Jews, as Jews; and the introduction of a large Jewish element into the social, intellectual, aesthetic life of a community can only result in the maintenance of two separate streams without contact.

19. Semitism has never done anything save harm us when forced upon us or adopted by accident.

20. Let us preserve and glory in our own inherited Western life and impulses and standards, and let us resist to the death any attempt at fastening to our body of national custom any feeling or feature aside from that which we legitimately derive from the tall, fair Aryans who begat us and who founded our English civilisation and Anglo-American nation.

21. But let us swear by the living God, as we respect ourselves as free Northern white men, that they shall lay not a hand on our institutions, and inject not an ideal of theirs into the massed inheritance which is ours. To the Jew we must say, “live your own life, here or elsewhere; but remember that you live among Aryans, who are not to be disturbed.”

22. Then let us show our physical power as men and Aryans, and conduct a scientific wholesale deportation from which there will be neither flinching nor retreating.

23. Orientals must be kept in their native East till the fall of the white race. Sooner or later a great Japanese war will take place, during which I think the virtual destruction of Japan will have to be effected in the interests of European safety. The more numerous Chinese are a menace of the still more distant future. They will probably be the exterminators of Caucasian civilisation, for their numbers are amazing. But that is all too far ahead for consideration today.

24. As for the question of superiority & inferiority—when we observe the whole animal kingdom & note the vast differences in capacity betwixt different species & sub-species within various genera we see how utterly asinine & hysterically sentimental is the blanket assumption of idealists & other fools that all the sub-species of Homo-sapiens must necessarily be equal.

25. That the maintenance of civilisation today rests with that magnificent Teutonic stock which is represented alike by the two hotly contending rivals, England and German, as well as by Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium, is as undeniably true as it is vigorously disputed. The Teuton is the summit of evolution.

26. As for this flabby talk of an “Americanism” which opposes all racial discrimination—that is simply goddamned bullshit!

27. Wherever superior races have absorbed large doses of inferior blood, the results have been tragic. Egypt is one case–& India presents a still more loathsome extreme. The Aryans in India were too late in establishing their colour-based caste system, so that today the culture of the Hindoo is probably the most thoroughly repulsive on our planet. The more one learns about India, the more one wants to vomit.

28. No impartial friend of civilisation can help seeing, as Hitler does, that contemporary culture is in a state of vast rottenness—with weak, unhealthy concepts flourishing like weeds & constantly imperiling our survival against external foes & internal dissension.

29. The systematic effort of our Allied nations to reduce a normal & largely 50-50 war to the status of an unprecedented & final “moral crusade” with Germany in the role of leper & antichrist was a piece of morbid, shrill effeminacy which reeks of the stink of modern decadence.

30. Incidentally—the ancient gentlewoman who lives downstairs in this house (a Yankee teacher of German, & life-long Germanophile, who—though the daughter of a Baptist minister—became an ardent Catholic a decade ago) has just returned from a three-months’ tour of Germany & Austria, & finds that the morale & general condition of Germany are infinitely better than they were last year.

31. No normal being feels at ease amidst a population having vast elements radically different from himself in physical aspect and emotional responses.

32. What we can do is to discourage the increase of their numbers by placing the heaviest possible penalties on miscegenation, and arousing as much public sentiment as possible against lax customs and attitudes—especially in the inland South—at present favouring the melancholy and disgusting phenomenon.

33. Our whole system of values differs utterly and irreconcilably from the Jewish system, even though (and this is what obscures the real problem) our absurd pretence at harbouring the silly, alien, decadent Jewish by-product called Christianity makes us pretend to endourse the Hebrew slave-psychology.

34. If a group of us is weak, it fights until it is either free or dead. It is never broken or cowed. It may die and vanish, but it never lives to be kicked around.

35. Galpinius and I have been discussing democracy a lot lately, and we agree that it is a false idol — a mere catchword and an illusion of inferior classes, visionaries, and dying civilisations.

36. The blood of a million men is well shed in producing one glorious legend which thrills posterity and it is not at all important why it was shed.

37. How I spit upon this rotton age with its feeble comforts and thwarted energies — its Freuds and Wilsons, Augustines and Heliogabali,–rabbles and perversions!

38. Before we have literature we must have life — bold, colourful, primitive, and picturesque.

39. As for the negro question—I think that intermarriage ought to be banned in view of the vast number of blacks in the country.

40. Nothing but pain and disaster can come from the mingling of black & white, & the law ought to aid in checking this criminal folly.


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