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Default Zimbabwe Unemployment Rate At 95% After Most Whites Have Left

Hyperinflation began in 2009 and sits now at 12,900% inflation rate, while unemployment hovers at 95%.

Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa 'appalled' by attack on protester

(Wasn't sure where to stick this article, but it is mostly a reminder of what happens when Whites move out). Since the Whites in Zimbabwe didn't want to leave voluntarily, I believe it was a good thing they left regardless. They built a civilization there and kept (then called) Rhodesia's economy afloat. Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) was only 8% White in 1975 at 300,000. Today it is less than 28,000 (as of 2012). The hole only gets deeper (until the UN has to move in.

It's not easy getting facts on these countries. The Marxist Jew press (which preaches looking after the poor), is reluctant to disclose the true state of nations such as Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe calls itself socialist, but is really a Marxist dictatorship ruled off and on by two Marxist parties.

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It's sad to see how Whites are getting in odds with the politic regime of Robert Mugabe which is anti-NWO and anti-jewish in its nature. Divide and conquer is a jewish strategy, now we're divided.


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