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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default A word on the illegality of impersonating people online

I was looking at Matt's site briefly to look up something he said re the civil case, and notice a comment, with my name, that I did not make. And it's almost a year old. When you click my name, it takes the reader to fucking Stormfront.

Supposedly I said this:

"..Emily Henderson
October 5, 2016 at 6:10 pm
That’s a great novel! I just read his other book, “Beyond This Horizon – A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow”, a non-fiction analysis of the white nationalist movement. I’m not sure they would allow Matt to have a copy, but everybody else in the WN movement needs to read it.
Free Matt Hale!.."

I didn't write that.

As of now I have not, and in future would not, read that shit. Ward Kendall has sent me stuff on every blog I've ever had, and on social media he pops up to promote his book to me. Asking me to read it would be fine. But whomever impersonated me committed a misdemeanor crime actually. Since it's tied to his book I'd guess him.

I also saw where someone left a comment that a WN had 'dozens of copies of Ward Kendall's book' and I knew that WN and there were no such books in their possession.

Attaching someone's name to works they don't endorse, plus the impersonation, both not o.k.

Promote your book the right way. Maybe nobody is reading them because they suck--but I wouldn't know as I've not read 'em.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier


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