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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default Matt Hale Gets Protective Order

Update from Matt's mom re the book sale to raise funds for the court reporter in the BOP case:

"..Important Update!*I am sending Doc. 161. It is the response from the BOP attorney to Matts request for a "protective order" to stop the BOP from keeping him from getting the funds to pay the court reporter for the depositions. You will see that their attorney continues to lie. as usual. Now they have accused Matt of trying to run a business from prison, selling his signature. So, they are not going to let Matt send you a certificate if the court rules in favor*of the BOP. The beat-down continues!.."

So they still say Matt's sale of personal prop is 'running a business' and may not let him sent certs in the books, diminishing their value to those bidding.

Meanwhile, somewhere someplace, blacks are pimping out some teenage girl, some Columbian is selling drugs while here illegally, etc.

But we can all feel a little safer at night knowing this violin playing lawyer white guy can be stopped from selling his books while incarcerated--cuz that's a crime of epic proportions.

So Matt is seeking an injunction in the form of a Protective Order to prohibit the BOP from applying their disciplinary code to his book sale. Doc 161 is their response-a pleading from the BOP stating the motion from Matt should be denied.

Write to the FBOP and-using civilized language and no threats-at: [email protected]
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier

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